Day 1: The pick-up

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Picked-up my new car today, and after driving 120 miles, I'm pretty confident I'll love it for quite some time. I averaged 51.2mpg for my first 120 miles -- not too shabby...

I woke-up at 3:50am this morning, stumbled into the shower, cursed life for about 30 minutes, and then drove to the Bank, where Nat's dad met me so that we could drive the Element to Tulsa together. Nat's dad graciously accepted the challenge of rising far too early and braving Tulsa traffic just so I could make a 8:00am flight on Southwest.

We drove the Element (sniff, sniff!) and admired the lunar eclipse for the entire drive - it was quite a thing of beauty. I caught my Southwest flight with plenty of time to spare, and proceeded to "hop" from Tulsa to Kansas City to Chicago to Columbus to Philadelphia. I guess when you're paying $99 (instead of $450 from XNA) you can't complain too much about the stops.

I arrived at the dealership and met my sales guy, Chris. Chris was absolutely fantastic and deserves a giant medal for his help in finding this car - they're nearly impossible to obtain. In fact, he had moved my car around back as too many people kept asking if it was for sale.

So, here's how I first "met" my car:



We gave it a test drive, signed the papers, and chit-chatted a bit. Then it was time for me to hit the road. But not before grabbing a quick bite to eat...


That's right - Philly Cheesesteak! Oh, it was so tasty. I wolfed it down (didn't eat anything all day) and hit the road.

I did about 125 miles, and am spending the night just outside of Hershey, PA. Found a nice little hotel:


Sorry for the crummy photo - I just snapped a quick pic and then went inside... I'm tired. The bad news is that this hotel doesn't have a gym of any sorts, so I can't run tomorrow AM... I'll have to run tomorrow night.

Tomorrow, I'll hit the road and head out toward Cleveland, then down toward Fort Wayne, Indiana. I might hit the Austin-Cord museum, per Bret's suggestion... we'll see what happens.

Oh, and I hate this laptop - using the Bank's Dell... ick. No photoshop, so I'm using some crummy photo tool that's horrible as well.

Good night!

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