All quiet

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Not much new to report... car is still doing well, although I'm waiting on my license plates to arrive. Hopefully they'll get here soon, as I have 4-5 days left on my temporary tags.

Ernie has been a hoot lately - he's always been inquisitive and unafraid of just about everything. He also loves to climb into boxes and other small places - lately he's been finding his way into the dishwasher whenever we open it.

Here he is sitting inside of Riley's food stand, doing his best "whack-a-mole" impersonation:


And here he is checking out my car yesterday (I had to vacuum it):


We've just been sitting around today, not doing much of anything. We did clean the house today, and I ran, but have otherwise done almost nothing. Sometimes those days are the best.



Squid and Riley think that it's OK to enjoy a lazy day... although I think we'll go to the dog park later today so that should be fun.

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