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I'm not sure if I shared this on my blog or not, but we had been without any television signal for about 3 months. We had horrendous problems with Cox digital service, and after months of frustration, I cancelled the service. Shortly after cancelling, I sent a letter to some folks at Cox expressing my displeasure. Much to my surprise, they replied and expressed what appeared to be genuine interest in working to resolve the problem. I was so mad that I didn't oblige them - I went without TV (or I should say, Amy went without TV - she loves TV).

So, after three failed attempts at getting DishTV (they still stink!), I contacted the folks at Cox and offered them one last chance to "get it right." They promised they would send top-tier guys, after hours (when our TV would always fail), and wouldn't leave until everything was working perfectly.

Sure enough, at 6:55pm tonight, two Cox vehicles arrived at our house, and two extremely friendly, super helpful, and super intelligent guys greeted us. They apologized for the problems, and promised they'd get us up and running, no matter what it required. True to their word, they left our house at 9:00pm, with our TV's and internet working better than ever.

They went through every connection in the house, checking and repairing connectors where ever necessary. They monitored line quality and the "MER," and worked with some folks remotely to make sure that everything was in good order. They called in a 3rd guy to hand deliver a special DVR, as the ones they brought weren't compatible with our Plasma TV.

And now, our TV is fantastic. These two guys singlehandedly restored my complete faith in Cox as a company. I'm so happy -- and as happy as I am, I think Amy is 100x more happy, as she now has TV.

To Doug, Nelson, Jeff, Henry, Kelly, and Kim at Cox - I say "Thank you!" You're all the best!! I hope the service keeps working as well as it is now - because it's absolutely perfect.

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