Went to KC

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Spent last night in Kansas City, visiting my friends Bret and Greg. Bret lives in Atlanta, but was in town for the NASCAR race as his brother works for the #66 Best Buy team and Bret helps out by hauling around one of their show cars from event to event.

I got into town at around 2pm, hung out with Bret and then met-up with Greg (who lives in KC) for some dinner and a stroll around "The Plaza" area in KC. We had some awesome barbeque from Jack Stacks, and then hung out at Greg's house.

I left earlier this morning, and got home at around noon or so.

No pictures, except for one of Greg's dog, Juliet. She's a really cool Akita.


Just found out that Bret is heading down our way right now and will spend the day with us here tomorrow, so that will be cool. It's raining cats and dogs right now - heavy, heavy, heavy rains.

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