Morning Visitors

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Amy had to work this morning, so I was lying in bed with the dogs, trying to gather-up the energy to get up and go work in the front yard. As I was petting Monica, I noticed that Big Boy wasn't really on the bed - he was standing at our bedroom window, looking out the window and trembling.

Waves of shivers were cascading through his body. He was standing very alert, and his ears were lifted. I figured there had to be something outside, because I tried to ask him what was wrong, and he didn't budge - he was fixated on whatever was in the backyard. So, I snuck out of bed - didn't want the dogs to bark, and looked out the window. Big had found two deer, both of which were eating grass and plants from along our fence line.

I snuck over to the office, grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. Unfortunately, I had my wide-angle lens installed, so I couldn't zoom in too well, but a few pictures did turn out:


There were two of them, and they lazily snacked on the greenery. After about 10 minutes, they made there way deeper into the woods, and I lost track of them. It was awesome to watch them, just eating and minding their own business. I hope they'll be back again - I'd like to get some better pictures of them.

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