Gobble v.2007

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day, with lots of turkey and the fixin's. The Packers won, so that's something to be thankful for (as is my banner Fantasy Football year). I'm also thankful for my family, friends, and awesome job.

So, enough of the chitchat. On to the photos of the feast:

Riley inspects the turkey and offers to test it; she's vertically challenged, so she lost the job.


The bird - all 20-lbs of it, brined, browned, roasted, and delicious.


Dressing - sausage, sage, apple, walnut, and yummy.


Taters (Yukon Gold, garlic, buttermilk, pepper, parmesan cheese) + gravy (Amy said it was the best ever)


Corn (ick) and wheat rolls (not homemade - I was too lazy)


The feast.


It should be mentioned that no meal takes place without an adventure at our house. There's always some sort of mischeviousness going on, usually with the dogs as they position for some handouts (usually from me). Well, Thanksgiving is no exception. It all started when Amy thought it might be funny to get a picture of Riley looking up at my food from across the table. Riley had other plans, and she put them into action as soon as I got up to take the photo.


After helping herself to a little piece of turkey from my plate, she went back to check on the rest of the turkey - perhaps there was a way to get at the turkey from the other side of the counter:


Big doesn't beg real badly - he's pretty laid back about the whole thing. He'll guilt you into giving him something after he stares at you with those pitiful eyes. To look at him, you'd think he never had a chance to eat.


Squid is a little more forward with her approach. She gets right in your face (and sometimes right onto your plate), and makes sure that you're aware of her hunger.



We finished eating, and then let the clean-up crew come in and take care of the leftovers. Here they are helping themselves to some turkey.



Full, and with the kitchen completely cleaned (the dishwasher is running right now), everyone headed off for their favorite napping spots. Kramer likes the top of the DVR - I guess it's warm. He's not real thrilled with me sticking the camera in his face...


And everyone else:


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