Nancy Boy

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The Nancy Boy products came today. Talk about fast shipping - I couldn't believe they were already here.


Not pictured is the shaving cream, the facial mask, or the laundry detergent. Their detergent was highly rated for being septic friendly, free of any animal products and/or testing, and for its cleaning ability. It apparently out-cleaned both Tide and Cheer in a head-to-head test. It smells pretty good - sort of lemony.

In more manly news, we installed new tires on the Tahoe today - the old ones were nearly worn out (3/32 of tread left, and one tire had a screw stuck in it). I'll be doing my annual tune-up on it in preparation for our roadtrip back home... probably'll do that next weekend.

We also had the carpets cleaned this week, and our new kitchen runner rugs came in (whoops, that's not real macho; I just switched over to my blog from one of the shaving blogs).

I think we might have a few people over tomorrow night for a movie, provided I can leave work at a decent hour. Our new generator is being connected tomorrow, and I have to be at work from about 1pm until ?? while the electricians finalize things.

Kramer is sitting on my lap right now, purring. I'm contemplating going for a run, but I may do that in the morning instead. I'm up to 40 minutes at a crack, or about 4 miles. My goal is to hit 10k (6.4 miles). Once I reach that, I'll probably stop trying to get more distance in. I figure an hour's worth of running 4 times a week should be enough.

That's all for now.

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