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More shaving geek stuff, plus a few other tidbits.

My "The Art of Shaving" products arrived today! I'm so excited - this is the stuff that I've been dying to try, and it finally arrived. I didn't shave today because I wanted to really give a shot tomorrow, so I won't hardly be able to wait until morning to try it out. I think I'll run tomorrow in the morning, then take a shower and test out the new stuff.

I am addicted to the Nancy Boy moisturizers. The daytime moisturizer works wonders - no more dry, flaky skin, and it lasts all day long. My old stuff (Neutrogena, Paula's Choice, and lately Sharps) all left my skin dry and flaky after about an hour. This new stuff works wonders. The night time moisturizer is equally amazing, and they both have a slight cucumber scent - nothing overwhelming, and they don't smell like the Doctor's office (like the others did).

Here's the new stuff:


That's a badger hair brush, which is used to apply the cream - you use the brush to work the cream into a lather, which you build in a "Scuttle." I don't have a Scuttle, so I'll use a small bowl or coffee cup.

I can't wait!

In other news, the house almost burned down last night. We went to Joplin to do some shopping, and when we got back, Amy noticed the master bathroom lights weren't working. I checked the circuit breaker, and all was ok - it wasn't tripped. We then noticed that the outlets in the bedroom weren't working, so I checked the fuse panel again - nothing.

Sensing something was wrong, I removed the front panel on our circuit breaker box, and discovered two wires that were burned to a crisp. I used my volt meter to figure out which circuits they belonged to, killed the breakers, and removed the wires. I was freaked out - they could've easily burned down the house. The whole thing gave me nightmares - really odd ones that weren't related to a fire or anything like that. I didn't sleep much last night... we got the dogs leashes out, the cat carrier, locked everyone in the bedroom, and put all of the fire extinguishers in a spot where we could get to them quickly.

We called an electrician this morning, and he spent 2 hours going over all of the wiring, and tracing the Romex runs from the fuse panel to the various rooms. Everything looked ok, but he did find two problems- one of our GFI outlets wasn't wired properly and had a loose wire in it (great work to our builder), and he found that all of the neutral and ground lugs in our circuit breaker panel were loose. He thought that the loose lugs might have increased resistance, which could've caused the charred wires.

He left the front panel off, and told us to keep an eye on the wires. If they get warm, we're supposed to call him and he'll come out immediately.

Here's a picture of the panel - you can barely see the charring on the wires (we cut the burns off and restripped the wires).


And here's a close-up of one of the burned wires. It should be white.


So, that was a major scare. I can't imagine what I'd do if the house burned down and we weren't home. I've ordered a monitoring device that "listens" for any fire alarm chirps, and if it detects one, it calls me. It's money well spent ($500-ish) if it means that the dogs and cats would be better protected when we're not home.

And finally, my friend, John Janzen, was featured in a newspaper article. He's been working to restore a bell from a shipwreck in Lake Superior, and his hard work has paid off. They successfully recovered the bell - from about 380 feet below the surface. That's amazing!

He was kind enough to send me video footage of the dive, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'd love to edit a portion of it and share it online, provided he doesn't mind. Here's a link to the article about the recovery and restoration. Hope that you'll enjoy it.

That's all for now... only 12 hours until shaving time! :-)

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