What's next? Theshavetest.com?

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I guess I really am bored.

How else could I explain my latest interest in.... are you ready for it? Shaving and skin care products. Ugh. For those that may be wondering, the answer is "yes" - I'm still 100% interested in girls. For some odd reason, a few weeks ago, while shaving one morning, I thought to myself, "There has to be a better way to shave. Shaving really stinks, and I hate it."


So, I fired-up my trusty computer, and lowe-and-behold, I found dozens of discussion boards about shaving products. Everything from old-fashioned shaving soaps and single-edged razors to $250 badger brushes and $63 shaving creams.

I've not quite gone off to the $250 badger brush deep end, but I have bought some new products to try. So far, I've tried Sharps Kid Glove products and Zirh products. I've got some others on the way (Art of Shaving, Baxter of California, and Nancy Boy), but so far, I've noticed a few things:

The Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel is too good at protecting your face from razor burn and nicks. You apply a pea-sized drop of the stuff, work it in, and start shaving. It goes on clear, so that's a bit odd, but even more odd is that it's nearly impossible to shave with the stuff. If you're no good or are extremely reckless with a blade, give this stuff a try.

I don't care for the Sharps aftershave balm. It doesn't moisturize real well, and it leaves my skin really dry. I talked with Bret (my friend from Atlanta), and he likes the stuff, so I'm going to box it up and send it to him.

The Zirh stuff is heavy. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'd read some good reviews about it, so I gave it a try. Thankfully, I bought it from our local Sephora store, which has a very liberal return policy, so I'll be taking it back to them. I say it's "heavy" because it lingers with you all day - I can still feel the moisturizer on my face, some 14 hours after I applied it. I suppose that's good, but it feels like it's "coating" more than "working."

Now I can hardly wait to get my Nancy Boy (I know, I know - but trust me, I like girls!) stuff - it's supposed to be top notch, as is the Art of Shaving stuff. Baxter gets good reviews as well... What if I like them all? What ever will I do?

I don't think I'll go back to my Edge gel... And, I might take-up straightblade shaving... the guys over at Shavemyface.com seem to prefer it over the multi-blade razors. Can you believe I've been reading about shaving techniques all night? Suddenly wax testing seems rather mundane and normal.

And sorry for not making any blog entries lately. Work has been insanely busy - our generator arrived this week; I'm in the middle of rewriting our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans; I'm working on our annual IS risk assessment; and, we just got the go ahead to restructure our entire data center (switching (ironically) to blade servers). All of this on top of our imaging system conversion project and a new loan origination system install. I love being busy, though - it sure beats the alternative.

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