202 days and counting...

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I was a bit of a slug this weekend - didn't really do much of anything, didn't eat very well, and certainly didn't exercise enough. I ran a total of about 45 minutes and I ate McDonalds (ick), Pizza, more Pizza, and Mexican food. Oh, and I also had about 10 sugar cookies. Not exactly stellar diet and nutrition practices.

And to make matters worse, I think I had some of those cookies and some of that pizza while watching the Iron Man Triathlon on TV. There I was, sitting curled up on the couch, stuffing my fat face with pizza while my fat gut protruded obscenely from my shorts and t-shirt, a Diet Rite (oh the irony) in my right hand, 4 dogs begging for pizza, while I watched hundreds of people work their butts off at the Iron Man.

Guilt got the best of me, and I slid my fat body onto the floor to stretch for a bit, but I never did go out and run. I swore I'd wake up early, hit the treadmill, and run for a good hour. But, Sunday morning came along, and I think I mustered the willpower to peel myself out of the rack at around 10:00am. And then I had some more cookies.

After about 4-5 cookies and a few doughnuts (forgot about those until just now), I forced myself to go for a run, but it only lasted about 15 minutes. For some reason, I was sapped. No energy at all. So, after my shower, I went online and started reading about Triathlons.

Iron Man Triathlons are insane. They're a 2.4-mile swim, a 105-mile bike ride, and a 26-mile run. I'm not going to kid myself and say I could do that. I did swim across Rock Lake when I was in High School, and that was about 2-miles, but wow. Combine that with 130+ miles of biking and running? I think not.

Instead, I'm going to do a "Sprint" Triathlon. There's one in Fayetteville, in June of 2008. It consists of a 1000-yard swim (.58 miles), a 26-mile bike ride, and a 4-mile run. I've got the running part just about down. I can go at least 45-minutes on most days. Now I need to add-in the biking and the swimming.


And I've got exactly 202 days to do so. I've found some good websites that have training schedules - most suggest a 20-week preparation for a first "sprint," and I've got about 28 weeks. With Christmas, that extra time will work out well. I'll focus on the running until about the first of the year, and then I'll start biking and running. The swimming will be the last part that I add-in, and I'll probably do that some time in early March. That'll give me 3 full months to work on all three parts before the actual event.

I'm excited. I talked to some friends at work, and I think I've got at least one person that'll do it with me. I came home tonight and ran for a solid 40-minutes, without any problems. I seem to run so much better when I have something to think about. I hate just plodding along listening to audio books or music - I get bored. But when I can think about something, or plan for an event, the time flies by.

I'll update the blog from time-to-time with Triathlon info. Hopefully it'll be news of progression and accomplishment. :-)

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