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We're in Wisconsin for the holidays, and the weather isn't doing us any favors. Today's high was 18F; yesterday it was around 10F. Nice and chilly, that's for sure.

We've just had a good Christmas Eve day at my parent's house; the relatives are all here and we're eating a little mid-afternoon dessert. Not like we really need to eat anything... I think I've consumed about 8,000 calories per day so far, all without much exercise.

Riley is curled up in a ball, on a chair in the living room. She's pretty tired from all of the excitement, but it's good for her - it'll hopefully tire her out a little, and she might actually sleep a little tonight.

We're still planning to head back home on Wednesday, weather permitting. There's supposed to be a big snow/rain storm coming through on Wednesday, so we might have to play things by ear.


Hope you all enjoy your holidays!

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