John's interview with MPR

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John sent me a .mp3 (audio) copy of his recent interview with Minnesota Public Radio, and I decided to edit some of the video footage he previously sent to me to help tell the story along with his interview.

I took the various pieces of video from a DVD and news story and cobbled them together... It's pretty rough editing - I took one pass at it with Final Cut Pro, and I only spent about 45 minutes editing it. If I was to "do it right," I would've spent time logging the video clips and determining which pieces would be best to use for each segment of the interview.

In this rough cut, I just took bits and pieces of the various videos and clipped them together... nothing fancy. It is nice to have something to edit in FCP, though... so, I may spend some more time working on it and making the video flow a little more smoothly.

You can check it out by downloading it from my site here. It's about 66MB in size, so it's quite large. It may take a few minutes to download, depending upon your connection speed. I'd ask that you "enjoy it" but it's edited so horribly, I don't think that's possible to do... :-)

In other news, Amy is sick with the flu (has been since Saturday), so she's not been feeling well, although she does look and sound better today. She actually stayed home from work - I think this is the first day she's missed in 5+ years.

I don't know about the rest of you, but Christmas sure did sneak up on me. And, I can't get motivated to buy any presents... I have no good ideas for anyone, so please don't be disappointed with our mediocre gifts. It just doesn't seem possible that Christmas is one week from today. Where does the time go?!

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