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Been a busy week in the shaving department. I initiated a trade with a guy from one of the shaving forums - I've been wanting to try some Truefitt & Hill products, and he wanted to try some Proraso, so we traded products. I wasn't a fan of the Proraso - it was too menthol-like, and it seemed to burn a lot.

So, I sent him my stuff, he sent me his. I was pleasantly surprised when the Truefitt & Hill arrived - he had used it one single time (the same amount that I had used the Proraso), so the jar was nearly 100% full.

I also purchased a new badger hair brush from Crabtree & Evelyn, and a jar of Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream, in sandalwood fragrance. So far, I think I like the Truefitt & Hill the best. It has the best scent and seems to give the best shave. The new brush is amazing - it's much better than the starter brush that I received from Art of Shaving.


That's all of the new products... the creams and new brush - the brush is hanging from my handy new stand... I built it from a coat hanger. :-)


And there's a comparison of the brushes. Believe it or not, the smaller C&E brush is much better. It's easier to manage, builds a better lather, holds more water, and feels better. I believe the badger hair is of a better quality than the AoS brush.

That's all for now... Big Boy is doing good today, so that's good!

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