Best Buy? Hardly.

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I think I'm done buying stuff from Best Buy.

We tried to purchase a remote control this evening, and ugh - what a frustrating experience. I found the remote online at for $139, with my "Prime" discount; $149 without. I figured I'd go check Best Buy's price, just in case it was similarly priced - I'd be able to pick it up today, rather than waiting until Wednesday to receive it. listed the remote for $179, but I also had a 12% coupon for all "home theater accessories, including remote controls," so the net difference wasn't much to worry about.

So, we drove down to Best Buy, only to find that the remote was $199. I asked why their site had it listed for $179, yet the store had it for $199. They weren't sure, so they checked their website. It was $179, sure enough, but they'd have to charge me $4.99 for shipping. What?

Well, after explaining to them that I could just click on the "pick up in store" option, and not be charged shipping, the agreed to sell it for $179. Whew.

But then, when I went to check out, my coupon only deducted $4. I'm no math whiz, but 12% of $179 has to be more than $4. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until we had walked out of the store, so we turned around and walked back in. After standing in line for 15 minutes, we arrived at the service desk. No dice.

They wouldn't honor the 12% off, because they had already "price matched" the item. What? So, I returned the item (with no ranting or bickering, sorry folks) and left the store.

I just logged on to Amazon and bought the remote. With my "prime" membership (Amazon has a program called Prime - it's $80/year, but it gets you free 2nd-Day Air on anything, or $3.99 Next Day Air, and there are discounts on items), the remote cost $142.99, and I'll have it by Tuesday morning.

So... I'm done with Best Buy. I saved nearly $50 by purchasing it from Amazon (after our state's horrendous 9.25% sales tax rate), and I didn't have to argue with some pimple-faced-punk about a lousy 12% coupon or the difference in price between the ".com" and the "brick-and-mortar."

Now we'll just wait a few days before reducing our remote-clutter from 5 different remote controls to one.

In other news, we ate at a new restaurant tonight, called "Greenhouse Grille." I found it while browsing a website called Eat Well Guide. The site finds restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, and so on that only use locally grown ingredients.

We had some vegetable egg rolls, which were amazingly fantastic. Amy had a spinach pasta with diced tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, and a pesto-cream sauce. I had a buffalo burger with pepperjack cheese, peppered bacon, and sweet potato fries. It was all delicious, and everything was locally grown, including the buffalo.

The place was really small and quaint, but extremely comfortable. I could've gone to sleep in there. Probably not the type of review that a restaurant dreams of, but that's how comfy it was.

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