New Wheels

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Well, new to me, at least. I found a great deal on a bike - I was at our local Lewis & Clark store (outdoors/sporting goods), and one of the sales people suggested that I check out their (the Lewis & Clark) message board for a used bike - she said they often had some great deals on it.

Well, lowe and behold, I stumbled across two great finds: a bike, and a bike rack for my car!

Here's the bike (and Squid, checking it out):


It's a 60cm Trek 2000 with a carbon fork, Mavic wheels, and Shimano 105 components. An extremely nice guy by the name of Robert was the original owner, and I'm so glad to have met him - he was super friendly and extremely helpful - he even threw in a pair of Nike riding shoes for free! I couldn't believe it.

Amy and I drove down and met Robert and his wife (and their dog), talked bikes for a bit, and then left with the Trek. I'm so happy with it.

My friend BJ (from work) rides bikes, so we went for a quick ride this afternoon - about 8 miles or so. It rides like a dream - very smooth, and very fast. The miles just zipped by. I think I'll enjoy riding it.

Here's a picture of it, without the squid in the picture:


It was 75F today, so it was perfect for riding. :-)

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