I quit

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I'm done. Game over. End of chapter. Roll the credits. Finito. Adios amigos. Outski.

Seriously - I quit. I give up. What's the point of even trying to get ahead these days, when it's one step forward, 3928123 steps back?

Did my taxes today, and found out that I owe $3,987 to the fed. Why? Who knows. H&R Block thinks it's because Amy's workplace isn't taking out enough in taxes, but she's claiming 0/0 and married, just as I am. Oh, and for the privilege of finding out that I owe a sh*tload to the government, I got socked with a $234 tax prep bill. Here's spit in your eye, Steve.

True, I made a slight amount more than last year, but I had a ton taken out of every check. The difference between my gross and net is more than 39%. That includes some 401k money, but not health insurance, as I pay for my own insurance.

Compared to 2006, I made about 10% more in 2007. Yet, I owe a boat load in taxes, and my cost of living increased by way more than 10%. Health insurance? Went up by 21%. Fuel costs? Increased by more than 30%. Even my cat's food increased in price by 50%. And my property taxes? 25% increase.

I tried to "do good" by putting an extra $150/month into an IRA, increasing my 401k contributions, and making $150 in monthly donations to the HSUS and ASPCA. Net result? Steve takes it square in the backside by our good 'ole government. So, what's the point? Screw the world, I quit.

I can't win. No matter what I do. I'm seriously considering having a fire sale of everything I own on eBay and moving to Mexico. I'm sick of giving every last penny to the government. I bust my freakin' butt, save up some money, and then have to fork it all back over. It's like the school bully that shakes you down for your lunch money every day. So, I think I'll change schools.

My favorite line from today's tax appointment? "Well, if you'd increase your IRA contributions by $3500, you'd save another $400 on your taxes." Oh, GREAT! Here, take another $3,500 from me so that I will only owe $3,500 at the end of next year. And while you're at it, how about you kick me square in the groin - and just for good measure, let's schedule two kickings on every Wednesday.

ARGH. I'm so pissed. I want to scream about elventy billion swear words right now.

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