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Couple of things to report/share:

1 - Stinkman

Big isn't doing so well once again. Amy took him to the Vet today for some X-Rays and tests. After $250, we found out: he's in the early stages of renal (kidney) failure, he's got arthritis on his entire spine that's causing him to lose feeling in his legs, he has bladder stones, he's in the early stages of dimensia, he's got two more fatty tumors, and he's extremely gassy (lots of gas in his intestines). Oh, and he's also dropped close to 22-lbs. He's down to 117-lbs.

So, we've got to try and get some weight on him, and that'll hopefully get his kidneys going again. But, that'll likely hurt his spine. But if his kidneys get better, then he can take some pain medications. And the bladder stones - we'll just watch those for now. If they get worse, they'll probably have to do some surgery on him.

Poor old guy.

2 - Work

Still highly uncertain as to what's going to happen. It's one day at a time with everything. I've got my fingers, toes, eyes, etc. crossed that everything works out. I trust our leadership/management and will follow them off a cliff if I had to. It's such a great company, I can't figure out what's happened and why it's so bad right now (other than the fact that our economy is in the tank; the dollar is worth less than the Swiss Franc, something that has never happened ever before).

3 - Workouts

I rode 42 miles on Saturday and ran 6. I rode 26 miles on Sunday and ran 3. Not bad workouts, but my feet hurt so bad after a ride that I can hardly walk, let alone run. I did some research and discovered that the problem was most likely the free shoes that I received when I bought the bike. They're old Nike riding shoes, and just about everyone who has worn them has complained about "excruciating outer-edge foot pain."

So, I broke down and bought a new pair of riding shoes... 2008 models range in price from about $250 - $500. EEEK! I found some 2006 "new old stock" shoes for about $180. Still expensive, but a good deal. Here they are, with my slightly-used set of "spare" pedal clips (also included free when I bought the bike).

I can't wait to try them out this weekend - hopefully the weather will cooperate with my desire to ride some serious miles.

4 - Weather

Guess what? It's raining again! Awesome. Sure wish we'd get some more rain...

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