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We went to O'Charleys restaurant on Sunday night with a group of people. We had spent the afternoon practicing for our upcoming softball league (I'm on the Bank's team), and a bunch of folks wanted to grab a bite to eat after practice. The group decided on O'Charleys.

For the record, I've been a long-standing, vocal opponent of O'Charleys. I've never once had a good experience there - the service has always been questionable, the food not so fantastic, and the prices not very reasonable. Most everyone knows that I'm not a fan of the OC. But, the group wanted to go there, so I didn't say a word - I just led the way to OC from the softball field.

We arrived and were immediately seated in the bar, and we had really good service. I was pleasantly surprised. I was further impressed when I browsed the menu and noticed that the prices were reasonable, and the selections were revamped and most looked quite appealing. Our food came out quickly, and it tasted really, really good. Had the OC turned over a new leaf? Maybe it was time for me to lift my self-imposed ban on 'ole Charles.

The bill came, and it was indeed quite reasonable - $29.66. I gave the server a $10 tip - he had done an excellent job - handled our group of 15 people with ease, and didn't goof up a single thing. He was on the ball with drink refills, and really deserved a stellar tip. I left happy, and on Monday, I e-mailed folks at work to tell them how I had previously been wrong about O'Charleys. In fact, I suggested, we might want to make it a regular hang out. Perhaps stop there on a Thursday night or two?

Well, today, I went online and checked my bank account. It seems that my $10 tip wasn't good enough. The server had changed my tip to $110, for a total bill of $139.66, as reflected here:


I called the restaurant and told them about the discrepancy, and the manager immediately fixed it. I got the impression that I wasn't her first call about this - she casually asked, "Were you seated in the bar on Sunday?" And I said, "Yes we were." She said, "I'm very sorry - we'll fix this right away."

So... do I go back? Or, do I reinstate the OC ban? I'm leaning toward the "ban" again...

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