I guess I'm in decent shape?

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My first 5k race is just two short weeks away, and I'm getting nervous about it. Why? Oh, I don't know... perhaps because I've never entered a real race before, and perhaps because I don't run outside very often (and when I do, it's usually only after a really long bike ride).

So tonight I decided to go for a run at the local walking trail. It's a 1.8-mile loop, and my goal was to run two laps in under 35 minutes. I strapped on the Garmin GPS watch along with my iPod, made sure my shoes were tied tight, and hit the trail. After my second lap, I wasn't real winded - I looked at my watch, and I had completed the two laps in just a tad over 32 minutes. 16 minutes per lap? I was impressed!

I decided that since I wasn't winded, nor were my legs sore, that I'd do one more lap. I wasn't fully expecting to finish the complete third lap; I had run quite a bit on Sunday, and figured I would eventually run out of gas, but I was wrong. I finished the third lap, and my time showed a total of 49 minutes. Not bad, old man - not bad at all!

I couldn't believe how easy it actually was. I guess that when you don't ride 40 miles before you start jogging, the jogging goes a little easier. :-) I told Amy that I'm so happy with the bike - I credit it for my quick progress with running. I never would've guessed that I could run 5.4 miles in such quick time and with such easy effort. A year ago, I would've laughed at the idea. Truth be told, I'm actually laughing a bit right now - giddy, almost.

It looks like I'll be in good shape for my 5k. Worries be gone! Now if only the rest of my gut would go away... I really need to stop eating so horribly and focus on losing this last 15-lbs or so...

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