New Shoes, glasses, and progress

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I *finally* got a chance to try out my new riding shoes today, as the skies cleared up and the flood waters rescinded enough to clear the trails. The good news is that the rain will return on Monday, and will hang around for about 5-6 more days. That's stellar. I can't wait.

I woke up at around 10:00am this morning, ate a bowl of cereal and did a little stretching. I pumped-up the bike tires, filled my water bottles, put on the riding shorts, popped my pre-ride vitamin mix (400IU of D, 50mcg Zinc, 1000mg C, 2 tabs of L-Carnitine, and 4 tabs of an Amino-Acid mix), loaded the bike and headed for the Military Park trail.

It was about 70F when I started my ride at 11:30am, with lots of sun, and a light breeze. Perfect weather. I put on the shoes, cued-up the iPod, and hit the trail. The first thing I noticed was how awesome my new Rudy Project glasses are.

I can't describe what they do or how they do it, but they somehow manage to shade your vision without darkening anything or causing any distortion at all. The view is phenomenal, as is the fit, which I spent some time tweaking late last week. The glasses are weightless and even after wearing them for four hours straight, they left no pressure points and caused zero discomfort. They are truly unbelievable - if you're looking for some incredible sunglasses, look no further than Rudy Project. I'm a believer - they make my Ray Ban Aviators seem like $2 grocery store glasses.

I completed my first lap (6.65 miles) and realized that my feet didn't hurt at all. They felt perfect and fresh. I think I was so wrapped-up in the new glasses that I forgot to pay attention to my feet. So, for the next lap, I tried to determine if my feet were hurting, and the answer was, "Nope!" Miraculous!

I rode 2 more laps, for a total of 26.6 miles, when my stomach started to bother me again. It had been bugging me all day yesterday, and I felt nauseous all night. Next thing I knew, I was throwing up... nice. I stopped, hopped off the bike and threw up. Luckily I still had two full water bottles, so it wasn't too bad. I finished my 5th lap and stopped at the car for a piece of gum.

I rode one more lap for a total of 40.0 miles, hopped off the bike, took off my helmet and shoes, and put on my running shoes. Despite getting sick earlier, I felt really good, so I ran a lap (well, mostly - I walked about .75 miles of it).

4 hours later, I was done, and I felt fantastic. 40 miles on the bike, 5.5 by foot. I fully credit the new riding shoes - they're so much better than my old freebies. Now I really need to get swimming. I'm not terribly worried about the swim, but I can't put it off any longer.

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