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196. Not good.

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I've been sick since around April 19; stuffed-up nose, can't breathe, coughing up all sorts of good stuff, and just feeling miserable. At first I thought it was a cold, then I thought it was allergies, then a cold, and now I think it's allergies again - there's no way a cold can hang on for over a month and be resistant to loads and loads of vitamins and cold medicines...

As a result, my running/riding has really taken a beating. Further complicating things is the massive amount of rain we've been having - it rained nearly 5" two nights ago again, so everything floods, and that means no riding/running on my usual trails.

I finally had a chance to get out and ride/run on Saturday and Sunday of this week, but it darn near killed me. It had been two full weeks since my last ride/run, and man, did it show. My heart rate averaged 196 bpm (beats per minute) for more than 40 minutes. That's unreal, and actually sort of dangerous. At my age, my max heart rate should be about 186.

So, what do I do? I need to keep training for my June 22 race... but I went and ran 3.6 miles tonight, and again, my heart rate hit 196 for 14 minutes. It used to sit at around 165, which is perfect for me; I'm comfortable and able to exercise without any trouble. But at 196, it's painful.

In all fairness, I think I'm still fairly sick - I constantly cough up green stuff, and my nose runs like a Derby race horse - all day! You might want to buy stock in Kleenex... I'm going through them like crazy at work.

So, I guess I need to figure out what to do and how to lower my heart rate. There's no way I can do the triathlon with things like they are... I'll die - and I still need to get swimming... ugh!

I found a deal on a new tri bike - it's the end of the year, and there are all sorts of incentives for the 2008 models. This one is available in Kansas City; not sure if I want to spend the cash on it or not, but it would be a sweet ride:


It's a Felt B12 triathlon bike; all carbon fiber, about 16-lbs total weight, and a killer bike. There's one in stock in Kansas City... oh, so tempting. But, I probably should save the money and keep riding my current bike.

Goodbye ANB

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Wow, what a week it's been. ANB was seized and taken into receivership by the FDIC on May 9, 2008. You can read about it at any major news publication's web site. Apparently we made CNN, MSNBC, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, and a bunch of other news outlets.

I'll post the gory details about the event later on; I really don't feel like rehashing it all right now...

Although there is one great story from the entire event, and it involves a dinner party that we went to after work on Wednesday, May 14 (oh, by the way, Happy Birthday to my sister - Amy; sorry I didn't call).

A small group of us (about 10 or so) went to a local restaurant/bar called Eddie Haskel's. We sat outside on the patio, enjoying each others' company, while partaking in some food and beverages. As the night wore on, one of the people there, Matt, changed his drink order from Sam Adams to Glenlivet Scotch.

Apparently this is some pricey scotch, and the cheapskates will order it "neat," which means it doesn't come with ice. Despite having just lost his job, Matt ordered his three Glenlivet's "on the rocks."

When we received our bills, Matt did a double-take. He pointed at his bill and asked, "what's 'rocks' and why was it $3.00?"

The server said, "Oh, that's ice. They charge you for the ice when you order Glenlivet on the rocks."

He instantly burst out laughing and said, "Ma'am, I just lost my job today - I can't really afford to be buying rocks, especially when I can get a 10-lb bag of rocks from any gas station for $0.99."

We all laughed harder than we've ever laughed - I was literally crying; most of the humor was in his delivery, which I realize doesn't come across real well via a blog, but trust me - it was hilarious.

I tried to take a picture of the receipt, but my camera phone isn't real good, especially when it's 10:00pm at night and you're outside with very little external light.


A few good people

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We had planned on going to the military park today to ride bikes and run. I loaded the bikes onto the Jetta, and in the process, set my wallet on top of the trunk while I strapped the bikes into the bike rack. I ran back inside to get the water bottles, and then got in the car and took off.

We got about half-way to the park when I realized I had left my wallet on the trunk. I immediately stopped and Amy checked the trunk - no dice. No wallet. I raced back home, checking alongside the road as best we could, but didn't see any hint of the wallet.

We got back home and checked for the wallet - no where to be found. Amy started riding her bike, looking along our road and the roads that we took while on the way to the park. I got on my bike and rode along too. I rode about 5 miles out and 5 miles back, but never found the wallet.

So as soon as I got back home, I began the process of taking a mental inventory of what was in my wallet, and looking-up all of the providers so that I could alert them to my lost wallet. I had to call my debit card company, my credit card company, Best Buy, and Lowes.

The good news was that none of them showed any new charges, and Lowes actually had to reactivate my account because it hadn't been used in over 2 years, so it was in dormant state. Best Buy continued to remind me of why I really hate them...

I called to report the card as lost, and not only did I have to talk to "Sweeite" from India, but, she tried and tried to sell me identity theft protection services for $10/month. I said that I already have a service (through Debix), and she still wouldn't quit. I had to stop her from reading the script so that I could call Lowes and report my card as lost. Seriously, who tried to hard-sell you on a service when you've just lost your wallet?

I was trying to find my passport so that I could get a new license tomorrow when the phone rang. Amy asks, "Do you know a 'Gary McClaine' from Missouri?" And I said, "No." And she says, "I'll let it go."

And then it dawns on me that this person may have found my wallet. So I answer, and it's this lady, who asks if I've lost my wallet. I told her I had, and she said that her son found it while on the way to Wal-Mart. He found it near the Ozark Beverage Company (about 8 miles from our house), sitting in the middle of the road.

I got directions to their home and went out to get my wallet. What a nice family - mom, dad, son, daughter, and two awesome dogs. The daughter saw it in the road, and told the son to stop. They picked it up and when they got home told their folks what they had found. They tried to look-up our number, but we're unlisted, so they started calling the card providers.

Lowes actually gave them my phone number... another shocker. How ridiculous, but I'm actually glad they did. So much for privacy and account security...

So, I gave them $20 for their troubles, and thanked them profusely. I should've given them more money... they saved me a ton of headache and worrying. I petted their dogs for a bit, made some small talk, and then took off back for home.

I guess there are a few good people left on the planet. I had begun to think that everyone was crooked, selfish, and a scam artist... turns out that's not the case. I'm so relieved to have the wallet back, even if everything inside of it has been officially deactivated. Life should be fun without a debit or credit card for "7-10 business days."

Boo to Lowes and Boo to Best Buy. Kudos to the McLaine's from Missouri - you're good people.