196. Not good.

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I've been sick since around April 19; stuffed-up nose, can't breathe, coughing up all sorts of good stuff, and just feeling miserable. At first I thought it was a cold, then I thought it was allergies, then a cold, and now I think it's allergies again - there's no way a cold can hang on for over a month and be resistant to loads and loads of vitamins and cold medicines...

As a result, my running/riding has really taken a beating. Further complicating things is the massive amount of rain we've been having - it rained nearly 5" two nights ago again, so everything floods, and that means no riding/running on my usual trails.

I finally had a chance to get out and ride/run on Saturday and Sunday of this week, but it darn near killed me. It had been two full weeks since my last ride/run, and man, did it show. My heart rate averaged 196 bpm (beats per minute) for more than 40 minutes. That's unreal, and actually sort of dangerous. At my age, my max heart rate should be about 186.

So, what do I do? I need to keep training for my June 22 race... but I went and ran 3.6 miles tonight, and again, my heart rate hit 196 for 14 minutes. It used to sit at around 165, which is perfect for me; I'm comfortable and able to exercise without any trouble. But at 196, it's painful.

In all fairness, I think I'm still fairly sick - I constantly cough up green stuff, and my nose runs like a Derby race horse - all day! You might want to buy stock in Kleenex... I'm going through them like crazy at work.

So, I guess I need to figure out what to do and how to lower my heart rate. There's no way I can do the triathlon with things like they are... I'll die - and I still need to get swimming... ugh!

I found a deal on a new tri bike - it's the end of the year, and there are all sorts of incentives for the 2008 models. This one is available in Kansas City; not sure if I want to spend the cash on it or not, but it would be a sweet ride:


It's a Felt B12 triathlon bike; all carbon fiber, about 16-lbs total weight, and a killer bike. There's one in stock in Kansas City... oh, so tempting. But, I probably should save the money and keep riding my current bike.

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