Goodbye ANB

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Wow, what a week it's been. ANB was seized and taken into receivership by the FDIC on May 9, 2008. You can read about it at any major news publication's web site. Apparently we made CNN, MSNBC, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, and a bunch of other news outlets.

I'll post the gory details about the event later on; I really don't feel like rehashing it all right now...

Although there is one great story from the entire event, and it involves a dinner party that we went to after work on Wednesday, May 14 (oh, by the way, Happy Birthday to my sister - Amy; sorry I didn't call).

A small group of us (about 10 or so) went to a local restaurant/bar called Eddie Haskel's. We sat outside on the patio, enjoying each others' company, while partaking in some food and beverages. As the night wore on, one of the people there, Matt, changed his drink order from Sam Adams to Glenlivet Scotch.

Apparently this is some pricey scotch, and the cheapskates will order it "neat," which means it doesn't come with ice. Despite having just lost his job, Matt ordered his three Glenlivet's "on the rocks."

When we received our bills, Matt did a double-take. He pointed at his bill and asked, "what's 'rocks' and why was it $3.00?"

The server said, "Oh, that's ice. They charge you for the ice when you order Glenlivet on the rocks."

He instantly burst out laughing and said, "Ma'am, I just lost my job today - I can't really afford to be buying rocks, especially when I can get a 10-lb bag of rocks from any gas station for $0.99."

We all laughed harder than we've ever laughed - I was literally crying; most of the humor was in his delivery, which I realize doesn't come across real well via a blog, but trust me - it was hilarious.

I tried to take a picture of the receipt, but my camera phone isn't real good, especially when it's 10:00pm at night and you're outside with very little external light.


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