I can't win!

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Seriously - I can't. Why? Because my race registration for the St. Louis triathlon was rejected. Apparently it was "oversold" and I registered too late to be accepted. But, the good news is I'm one of the first in line for the 2009 race. UGH!

Unreal. I ordered my triathlon suit today in anticipation for the race. Guess it'll get some quality closet time until the Conway race in September (or whenever it is; I better double-check that my registration is still "good").

Oh, I'm so mad. My heartrate finally got back down to a good number, and I've been riding and running like crazy... even started swimming (or sinking as some might say), and felt really good for next weekend's race. DANGIT!

I may try to find another race somewhere and go do it instead. Man, I'm so mad. ARGH!!!!!!!

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