iPhone... seriously?

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The new iPhone is out. Or at least that's what they claim. I can only take their word for it, because no one seems to have any, nor do they seem to know when they might receive more. How the deuce can a company hype a product so much and then not have any available for sale?

Case in point: the iPhone launched at 8:00am on Friday, July 11. On Thursday night, I decided to drive past the AT&T stores to see if anyone was standing in line. Sure enough, there were about 20 people already in line at one store - a full 12 hours before the phone would go on sale. Figuring that the store was unlikely to have more than 20 phones, I decided to wait until Monday/Tuesday to check availability.

So I drove to two local AT&T stores today - both were complete zoos. There must have been at least 60 people in the one store; they had a representative lining customers up, having them wait in a certain place, and determining who should help them out. Every single person in front of me asked, "Do you have any iPhones?"

And the answer was, "No. We had some on Friday, but now we're out."

"Do you know when you'll get more?"

"No, we don't have any idea."

"Well, Apple's website says you get shipments every-"

"That's incorrect. We don't know when we'll get any iPhones - they're first come, first served."

So, after overhearing that, I left. But now a new question comes to mind: Why were there so many people in the store on a Monday afternoon (at around 2pm, no less)? Were there really 60+ people in Rogers, AR that needed a regular old phone at that very instant? I just don't understand...

And then I check Apple's website, and they show 5 stores within 10 miles of me that *should* have iPhones, but none of them have any.

I could really use a new phone. I'm lugging around two bricks right now, and the iPhone would replace both of them. It would be so glorious... but, you can't carry what you can't buy, and if the past few days are any indication of things to come, it may be some time before I can get my hands on an iPhone. It sounds like a petty complaint (it really is, now that I think about it), but dang - it's really frustrating.

In other news, I rented a Cervelo Soloist Team bike this weekend from Competitive Cyclist in Little Rock, AR. The Soloist is a "hybrid" bike - part triathlon bike, part road bike. I liked it a lot - put about 100 miles on it this weekend (I rode 89 miles on Saturday and 26 on Sunday), and it sure is smooth, but something about it left me a little under-impressed. As I was riding it, I couldn't justify the extra expense of it over my current bike... I even did a few A-B comparison rides with the Trek, and while the Cervelo felt a lot smoother, it just wasn't a better performer. The wheels that were fitted to it were also quite poor - very flimsy and almost scary at times. I swore I was going to break a spoke or six while climbing steep hills.

Here's what it looks like (my camera is at work.. need to bring it back home)


So, I'm going to return it back to the store on Friday and am going to try a super exotic bike. Something that's way out of my price range... that way, if there is an improvement, I'll know that such a thing exists, and I'll just have to save up/wait to buy such a bike. But, if there's little-to-no improvement, then I'll keep the Trek and will be happy knowing that I really did buy an awesome used bike.

Ta-ta for now.

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