The Storm Trooper

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I bit the bullet and bought a new bike. It's a Cervelo R3 - the same model that I demo'd last week and fell in love with. Words can't explain how much better the R3 rides than my Trek; you simply don't feel any road irregularities - bumps, grooves, heaves, expansion cracks, "washboard sections," chip seal, etc - it's all invisible. The bike just glides right over it all without any issue.

That may not seem like a big deal, but when you're riding 60+ miles at a time, you really appreciate that nice smooth ride. :-) It's also appreciated when doing 38-40mph; on the Trek, a good-sized bump at speed would rattle my teeth and scare the life out of me as the bars shook violently. The Cervelo just cruises right over them all.

And, while it provides a very comfortable ride, it's extremely stiff where it counts - in the bottom bracket area. That means that less energy is wasted by the frame and more power is transmitted to the rear wheel.

I took the bike on its maiden voyage last Saturday morning and did 63 effortless miles out at the Pea Ridge park. I could've gone farther, but it was getting hot and I was getting bored. I powered up the hill without any problems, even after 60 miles. It was amazing.

The bike features Shimano Ultegra components (I basically stole these from a bike shop in Chicago who was closing them out; the price was unbelievable), Mavic Kysrium Premium SL wheels (super stiff, relatively light, areo-spoked, and carbon hubs), Deda bars, a FSA stem & seatpost, and a Selle Italia Gel seat. The seat is insanely comfy - it has a pressure relief slot cut in the middle of it, and wow - what a difference that slot makes.

The bike also came with a Funda 3T fork; it's hit or miss as to whether or not a new Cervelo R3 will come with the 3T fork. The 3T is highly desired because it's lighter in weight and more stiff than the Easton that normally comes with it. It's also quite a bit more pricey; I was lucky - mine came with the 3T at no additional charge.

Anyway, I took some pictures of it this evening, just after a rain storm, and just before sundown - so, the lighting is pretty neat. While it's fun to take pictures of it, I can't wait to go out and ride it some more. It's so spectacular.











I need to come up with a name for it; I've been calling it the Storm Trooper because of the contrasting white/black... I chose the white seat, white bar tape, and black wheels - figured they'd compliment the frame nicely (the frame is only available in white). I really like the look of it - at first I wasn't to sure about the white frame, but the more I look at it, the more I love it.

It also doesn't hurt that Cervelo bikes won this year's Tour de France... :-)

And, finally - as if this week couldn't get any better, my iPhone finally came in!


Interestingly enough, it doesn't come with an instruction manual - it's supposed to be intuitive enough to use "as is." I've spent the past few days configuring it and learning the ins-and-outs of it; so far so good.

My only complaint about it is that the "keyboard" is a bit tricky to get used to. My other phone had a wonderful keyboard, but it stunk at everything else, including being a phone. The iPhone has been superb in every respect so far. The internet service on it is phenomenal - I could easily blog from my phone, it's that good.

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