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I could spend hours on this site - oh wait, I do... :-)


And, in even better news, my new Triathlon bike shoes came in today. They're Specialized Tri-Vent shoes, and are designed specifically for triathlon use. They feature a really "open" design - lots of venting on the top, bottom, and sides (to facilitate the drying of the foot), and are designed to be worn without socks (to help speed transition time). I'm going to wager a guess that these shoes will help shave at least 2 minutes from my transition from the swim to the bike portion.

I'm going to give them a try tomorrow on one of my longer rides; I hope they're comfortable... if not, my 'ole dogs will be barking before long.

Here are a few photos of them, compliments of my iPhone:


And one of the venting/cleat area on the bottom (the sole is carbon fiber):


I'm planning to swim and run tonight - the weather looks good, so hopefully I'll be able to get in 1000 meters of swimming and a few miles of running.

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