Mutant M&Ms

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Even though I'm not a huge candy fan, I really like M&Ms. My favorites are peanut M&Ms, and we have a "community jar" of them here at work. With so many people departing the refugee camp (aka: "work"), I've been designated as keeper of the M&M jar.

I went to the store yesterday and bought a huge (46oz) bag of peanut M&Ms so that I could restock the jar. And as I was pouring M&Ms into the jar, I noticed something that I don't recall seeing before...

Mutant M&Ms.

These are the deformed and mangled M&Ms that look like some kind of genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. The odd thing is that I don't recall ever seeing so many deformed M&Ms as I have recently. Is there something going on at the M&M/Mars plant that we don't know about?

Take these four little guys for example - I found them in the bag I bought yesterday...


I think there needs to be an investigation - these guys look to be extremely ill.

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