The deconstruction continues

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Howdy folks. Just got back from an overnight trip to Wichita, Kansas. What's that you ask? Why was I in Wichita? Why not?!

Truth be told, we had to drive up there to take down our disaster recovery site. We were collocating our DR systems at a facility there; we had about $900,000 worth of computer equipment sitting in 3 racks, which was connected back to our primary production site via a 200MB/s fiber optic connection. It was really state-of-the-art, and it was one of the major projects I was involved with prior to the shutdown.

We drove up yesterday afternoon, spent the evening pulling/disconnecting cables and preparing the servers for removal. It was a pretty painful event... thankfully we stayed at a nice hotel, the Hotel at Old Town and had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant called The Larkspur.

The Hotel at Old Town is neat - it served as a primary warehouse for the Keen Kutter company, and has since been converted into a "period" hotel. Everything there was similar to how it would've been back in the day. The rooms had 10-12 foot ceilings, plaster walls, large bathrooms with nice tile, and all of that fun stuff.

The Larkspur had amazing food - we enjoyed the best spinach artichoke dip I've ever had, an awesome salad, fresh-baked sourdough bread with olive oil, and one of the best creme brulees I've ever had. I had seared tuna for my entree (which was unbelievable), and Don had a Kansas City strip steak, which was served with a peppercorn brandy sauce that was out of this world.

Thoroughly stuffed from dinner, we retired back to the hotel, and fell into calorie-induced comas. We proceeded to disassemble the rest of the equipment this morning, loaded it into our trailer, and drove back to Arkansas. Here are some pictures of the event:

Here's what nearly a million dollars worth of computer gear looks like, sitting in racks at a collo facility (oh - our racks are the first three; the other racks 'belong' to other people):


Our blade servers (at the bottom), and our 20TB of SAN disk space (near top):


Another shot of the blades/SAN:


Here we are, literally pulling the plug on the whole thing:


Our Virtual Tape Library (a huge array of disk drives that backed-up all critical data):


Our hotel:


Yours truly, removing the individual blade servers from the chassis:


The empty racks (sniff, sniff!):


$900,000 worth of computer equipment in a U-Haul trailer:


At least the drive home was scenic and exciting (not really):


The saddest part of all of this is that the FDIC will likely shred all of the hard-drives, which renders most of the computer equipment worthless to anyone who might want to bid on the items at auction... They can't risk having any information leaked, and even with "secure wiping" of the drives, there's not a 100% guarantee that the data couldn't be recovered by someone with enough desire to scour for info. So, our 6-month old equipment that cost a total of $1.8MM is basically worth about $100k.


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