The week in review: hot, yummy, tinted, farewell, and yummy

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It's been an interesting week. We started off with insanely high temperatures early in the week - the heat index on Monday was 106 or 107, and the humidity was 85%. Not real pleasant weather, and even more unpleasant for the car. I'd get into my car at the end of the day and nearly melt... here's what my dash showed for an outside temperature after work on Monday night:


Granted, that's probably a bit on the high side (reading from near the pavement, most likely), but you get the idea. Some might say it was hotter than hell; note that my odometer shows "666" and the temperature has the lucky number "13" in it...

I then had to take a trip up to Springfield, Missouri to deliver a hard drive to a conversion company. So, while up there, I took the liberty of enjoying one of the world's finest meals:


That's a single cheeseburger (plain) with fries, cheese curds, and a Diet Pepsi from Culver's. Rumor had it that there were several Culver's destined for Arkansas, but I somehow think that fell through - the latest "Culver's finder map" on the back of the menu made no mention of Arkansas. (That's Karl's food in the background - he joined me for the journey)

Tired of the heat (and roasting to death in my car each day), I talked to a few folks who've had their windows tinted. They all claimed that their cars were much cooler at the end of the day, and thanks to a friend, I got the "hook up" with a local window tinter who was able to sneak me in on Friday. The tint looks really nice, and (you know me) is super high quality with a lifetime warranty. It won't fade, turn purple, or bubble. It was very inexpensive to have the job done - not sure if I got the "friend of a friend" discount or what, but I was shocked by how little it cost to have done. Here's a quick cellphone picture of the tint:


That picture was taken at my friend BJ's house (BJ lives in the middle of no where, but oddly that's not too far from our house).

Friday was a sad day at the bank - all of our development staff was finally released; their services no longer needed. To "celebrate," we all went to lunch at Jose's. We even called in an old fallen comrade, Matt Earl to join us. Matt's doing well at his new job, and it was great to see him - he may be from Ohio, but he's still a-ok in my book. :-)

Here's our group, sitting at a table, enjoying some mexican food (I had the fajita tacos special, no rice, no beans):


Seated (starting at the back, left corner, facing the camera) are: Jarrod (blue shirt), Jonathan, Matt, Brad, Brad's wife, Stephanie, Kelly (white shirt), Karl, Joe (can just see his head peeking beside Karl's), and Hai.

Most of the guys have jobs lined-up, so it's not too awful. It's still a shame, no matter how you look at it, though. I wish you all the very best of luck, and I'm going to miss you all tremendously. You are great, great people with unbelievable skills and talents, and I count myself as lucky to have known and worked with each and every one of you. Best wishes.

To round out the day, we fired-up a movie on my new Playstation 3 and watched it in Karl's office. It was sort of a last "hurrah," as well as a good way to sleep off a big meal of chicken soft tacos...


It's amazing how well a white board works as a backdrop for a movie... there was a little bit of glare, and a few hotspots, but it seemed to work well, all things considered.

Finally, last night BJ and I went to a pizza place in Fayetteville called "Hog Wild" pizza. We tried the "Hogfather" pizza, and it was pretty decent. The thing was huge - I only had 2 slices, and it was relatively inexpensive. My half of the bill, including an appetizer, a Rolling Rock (which I haven't had in probably 5 years), and a huge iced tea, was $14.80 + tip. I was pretty happy with that. Here's a shot of the 'za:


After eating, we drove to the mall to check out some t-shirts, then went to a used record store to look for video games, DVDs, and music. BJ bought some CDs, and I bought a few music DVDs.

All in all, it was a pretty decent week, although I'm still in shock from the development group's departure. It's really going to be tough at work now... those guys made it enjoyable. Oh, also - in case you were wondering, all of the photos were taken with my iPhone, which I'm absolutely in love with. It's amazing.

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