Whoops - forgot about these!

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I was so excited/impressed by the lighting from the other night that I completely forgot about the pictures I took when I picked-up my bike from Competitive Cyclist... there aren't many; we were pretty busy with the fitting and getting everything set-up.

Here's Zach doing some initial fitting:


The bike is on a fluid trainer (you can pedal, and as you pedal faster, the trainer offers more resistance - sort of like a treadmill for your bike), and Zach is measuring the overall seat to bottom-bracket position. Prior to demo'ing bikes, Amy helped me measure myself using Competitive Cyclists comprehensive "fit calculator."

You take about 12 measurements in various positions (standing, sitting, arms out, etc) and enter them into the calculator, and the system generates three different sizing options (based on your riding style/preference). Competitive then uses the results to "rough fit" the bike for you, and then they tweak the fit while you ride on the trainer.

They use plumb-bobs, protractors, angle finders, and a bunch of other crazy stuff to make sure that you're fit properly to the bike. It works - the Cervelo fits perfectly and I have zero pain in my feet, knees, hips, or back when riding (the Trek used to hurt my feet so badly that I could hardly walk).

Here's the bike sitting on the trainer, just waiting for someone to hop on:


After we got everything fit and after a brief demo ride, I got back into the car and headed for home. I had to stop in Russellville for a treat:


I had a Whatta-Burger with cheese (plain) and a small order of fries. Whatta-Burgers are soooo tasty!! It's almost worth a drive to Russellville just to get a burger...

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