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Adios Amigos, Part II

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We lost a few more good folks today... had a farewell lunch to honor them. Good bye my friends - good luck with your future endeavors, and know that we'll all miss you.

We had a farewell lunch over at April's house - she lives about 2 minutes from the HQ, and we ordered pizza and sat around having a good time. It was pretty hard to go back to work afterward... It really stinks that so many great people are leaving. It's going to be harder and harder to keep going in to work each day. :-(

Hopefully we'll all keep in touch and will have a lunch or two every so often.

In other news, I've been watching the FX Show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and have been loving it. It's so incredibly funny. I literally laugh out loud during every episode... my favorite has to be "Hundred Dollar Baby" - it's a spoof of the movie "Million Dollar Baby" and is absolutely hilarious. You can check it out over at

I hate to brag... but...

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I feel guilty for sharing this with everyone, but I was sort of shocked by it myself. I went to the doctor on Monday for a check-up, and they weighed me as part of the normal routine. I haven't weighed myself since around Christmas time, so I honestly had no idea how much I weighed.

The nurse threw me on the scale, ran the weights, tilted her head, and asked me to step off. She reset everything to zero, then had me step on again. She said, "That's odd - it shows that you're 71 pounds lighter than last time."

71 pounds. Holy crikey. I went from 279lbs in June of 2007 to 208lbs as of yesterday. I was shocked. Shocked that I weighed so much a year ago (I had been running, but not for very long), and shocked that I weighed 208. I feel heavier than that - I would've guessed somewhere around 220. I never really started the triathlon training with the intention of losing a lot of weight - I just wanted to be able to run for more than a few minutes without getting completely winded.

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say that biking has been the best thing for weight loss. I really noticed the pounds starting to drop in April/May of this year, which is about when I hit the 35-40 mile mark on my bike rides. I also notice that I burn the most calories when biking - a typical 50 mile ride will burn about 5,000 calories, and takes about 2.5 hours. A typical 5 mile run burns about 800-900 calories and takes just under an hour. A typical swim session burns about 500 calories and takes about 20 minutes.

Oh, and for those that have asked - here's my "secret" to losing the weight (there's no real secret - it's not much fun):

3x - 4x week = swim (1,000 - 1,200 meters each time; about 20 minutes)
4x - 5x week = run (3 - 5 miles each time; about 25 - 50 minutes)
2x week = bike (40-60 miles each time; about 2 - 3 hours)

Eating: I generally have:

- oatmeal in the morning (1 packet)
- light lunch (Subway turkey sub with lettuce/cucumbers; or a salad, no dressing)
- light dinner (similar to lunch)

I recently gave up soda and have been drinking water, unsweet tea, POM tea (pomegranate flavored tea) and/or Naked juice, but I usually try to limit myself to 3-4 of the juices per week, as they have a fair amount of calories in them. And, for the past 3 weeks or so, I've been trying to eat extra "clean" - a lot of fruit (kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, mango, blueberries) and a lot of water. I think that's helped a ton as well. I've slipped a little this week (enjoyed stuffed peppers and beef stroganoff), but I figure I can cheat a little. :-)

So, enough bragging. Sorry to do it here - just had to share, and "digest" the news by writing about it. I fully expect that within a year or so, I'll be back to being fat... my body seems to love putting on weight... :-D

Edit: Oh, funny little story about the doctor's office... my doctor is a bit of a "Mountain Man" - he looks sort of like Grizzly Adams and is a really straight shooter. Not a big believer in using pills to fix problems and so on.

So, he looks at my chart and goes, "See you've dropped some weight - that's great. What's your secret?" So I told him about the training and he said, "Are you trying to kill yourself?" He chuckled and then said, "No, that's great - I'd like to prescribe your program to some of my larger customers."

We both laughed about it, and then he started asking me computer questions, because they just got a new imaging system and he's not much of a computer guy... picture Grizzly Adams mashing his hands on a keyboard, and it's pretty much a spot-on impression of my doctor.

From Failblog's sister site.

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Edit: I just noticed that the owner of this particular pooch appears to enjoy wine... I might suggest that they not store their wine near the door for several reasons, including vast temperature swings and exposure to light. Just thought I'd point that out...


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Just got an e-mail this morning from the CATS race organizer - they've cancelled the event. I'll most likely get credit for next year's race, so that's cool.

I went for a short ride this morning (20 miles) and a short run (3 miles); it was sprinkling a little, and it's never real fun to ride when the roads are wet - water sprays everywhere (but mostly on my butt).

Ike vs. Triathlon

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I've got a bit of a dilemma. I have my second triathlon coming up this Sunday, in Conway, AR. But apparently, Conway has an appointment with Ike on Sunday.


So, do I drive down to Conway on Saturday night, prepare for the race, and get drenched from 7:00am - 10:00am, like I did a few weeks ago? Or, do I cancel it? The rain could be extremely heavy; I'm not sure if they'd call/cancel the race, but I have to assume they would if the weather was bad enough.

I don't mind racing in the rain, but it is a pain... everything gets drenched in the transition area (shoes, gloves, towels, bag, etc), and it does slow you down quite a bit, especially on the bike and in the transitions. The only upside is that it's considerably cooler... And I suppose there's a certain "toughness" factor to it. "I raced in a monsoon!"

Guess I'll play it by ear; plan on going, unless preliminary land rainfall reports are horrendous. Thankfully my non-refundable hotel in Conway was only $45 (HoJo!) and the race entry fee wasn't too bad at $75.

If I do miss it, it's basically the last triathlon I could enter for 2008... which means I'll have to plan more races for 2009...

UPDATE: Just got a notification from the race director that Conway is expected to receive "tropical storm force winds in excess of 60mph" starting late Saturday and early Sunday. They aren't calling the race off quite yet, but it's not looking good...

In other news, I made a slight modification to my work desk today... added another monitor, so that now I can monitor e-mail/messenger while watching a movie (or playing a game) on the PlayStation3, and browse the internet (and listen to Sirius) from my dual-screen laptop. Not too shabby.


I watched Glengarry GlenRoss yesterday - it was a pretty decent movie. Lots of great dialogue, and Alec Baldwin's 5 minutes in the movie is amazing.

How can my swimming be SO bad??

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Spy photo of my most recent swim:


I don't understand why my swimming stinks so badly. I took lifeguard classes, SCUBA dove, and considered myself to be a pretty decent swimmer (back in the day). But, holy cats - I can't swim worth a darn these days...

I joined the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club yesterday so that I could swim laps on my lunch hour. They have an indoor pool that's open to lap swimmers twice a day (7:30am - 8:30am and 12:00pm - 1:00pm). I just got back from "swimming" 1000 meters - crikey, it was awful.

Guess I'll have to find a swim coach as I can't get my breathing sorted out. I can side-stroke or breaststroke all day long with no problems. But, they're such slow strokes... I need to get better at the front crawl; I can do two lengths of the crawl, but then I'm completely toast. I envy the folks who can do the crawl for 1500 meters without any problems.

I suppose it doesn't help much that I officially hate swimming, and all I can think about while swimming is getting out of the pool. :-)