Adios Amigos, Part II

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We lost a few more good folks today... had a farewell lunch to honor them. Good bye my friends - good luck with your future endeavors, and know that we'll all miss you.

We had a farewell lunch over at April's house - she lives about 2 minutes from the HQ, and we ordered pizza and sat around having a good time. It was pretty hard to go back to work afterward... It really stinks that so many great people are leaving. It's going to be harder and harder to keep going in to work each day. :-(

Hopefully we'll all keep in touch and will have a lunch or two every so often.

In other news, I've been watching the FX Show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and have been loving it. It's so incredibly funny. I literally laugh out loud during every episode... my favorite has to be "Hundred Dollar Baby" - it's a spoof of the movie "Million Dollar Baby" and is absolutely hilarious. You can check it out over at

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