Ike vs. Triathlon

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I've got a bit of a dilemma. I have my second triathlon coming up this Sunday, in Conway, AR. But apparently, Conway has an appointment with Ike on Sunday.


So, do I drive down to Conway on Saturday night, prepare for the race, and get drenched from 7:00am - 10:00am, like I did a few weeks ago? Or, do I cancel it? The rain could be extremely heavy; I'm not sure if they'd call/cancel the race, but I have to assume they would if the weather was bad enough.

I don't mind racing in the rain, but it is a pain... everything gets drenched in the transition area (shoes, gloves, towels, bag, etc), and it does slow you down quite a bit, especially on the bike and in the transitions. The only upside is that it's considerably cooler... And I suppose there's a certain "toughness" factor to it. "I raced in a monsoon!"

Guess I'll play it by ear; plan on going, unless preliminary land rainfall reports are horrendous. Thankfully my non-refundable hotel in Conway was only $45 (HoJo!) and the race entry fee wasn't too bad at $75.

If I do miss it, it's basically the last triathlon I could enter for 2008... which means I'll have to plan more races for 2009...

UPDATE: Just got a notification from the race director that Conway is expected to receive "tropical storm force winds in excess of 60mph" starting late Saturday and early Sunday. They aren't calling the race off quite yet, but it's not looking good...

In other news, I made a slight modification to my work desk today... added another monitor, so that now I can monitor e-mail/messenger while watching a movie (or playing a game) on the PlayStation3, and browse the internet (and listen to Sirius) from my dual-screen laptop. Not too shabby.


I watched Glengarry GlenRoss yesterday - it was a pretty decent movie. Lots of great dialogue, and Alec Baldwin's 5 minutes in the movie is amazing.


"Coffee is for closers." :)

Gotta go watch Boiler Room again, too...

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