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One last race for 2008!

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I woke up this morning and decided to stop at WalMart before trudging into work. I felt like getting a newspaper and a Diet Mt. Dew (I've drastically cut my consumption over the past month or so).

As I was reading the paper, I stumbled across a story about a 5k race (run) that's being hosted at the Pea Ridge Military Park. For those not aware, the Pea Ridge Military Park is where I do the majority of my bike riding and running. I love the place - it's gorgeous, fairly challenging, and relatively quiet. I bought an annual pass this year ($15) and have gone to the park nearly every single weekend to ride and run.

I called the race organizer and discovered that there was still time to register for the event, so I signed-up, and with any luck will get to do one last race before the end of 2008. Granted, it's not a triathlon, but a quick 5k run should be a pretty fun time. Looking at 2007 results, I'll probably finish just outside of the top-10 for my age group... I'm not a fast runner by any means, and the park is pretty hilly, so I'm guessing I'll average an 8:00 mile, which would put me somewhere around the 10-12 spot; and at about the 50% overall spot.

I'll train a little harder this week and we'll see what happens.

And, what recent post would be complete without two pictures from LOLcats?


and, while not technically related to anything about cats, it's funny...


Two more great ones

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Ok; I have a problem - I'll admit it. I'm completely addicted to the "LOL" sites (LOLcats, LOLdogs, Failblog, and so on). I'll get help for the problem, I promise - I just need to visit the sites once more before I go... :-)

I've created a new category for these gems - it's called "LOLs." So, if years from now you want to go back and see all of the funny cats, dogs and failures, just click on the category titled "LOLs" and you'll find my favorites.

So, without any further ado, here are my two most recent favorites:




Man... now that's some funny stuff! :-D

A commercial made just for me...

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I happened to see this commercial last night, and I almost had a stroke from laughing so hard. It totally describes/identifies how the old work life is going right now... it's from Careerbuilder.com.

Apologies to those who can't view embedded YouTube videos. I tried to capture and convert this to a different format, but I couldn't find a decent .mp4 to .wmv video converter program anywhere. Well, I could, but they're all like $35 or more, and I didn't think it was worth it to buy a program that I'll only use once or twice. :-)

Just think, there are only 5 more days of sitting here in this horrible place until the weekend comes around. Yay.

Odds 'n Ends

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First things first, let's get this out of the way:


Other news:

- Think I'm getting sick.
Yay. Sore throat snuck up on me yesterday... I blame BJ - he's been sick for, oh, the past 3 years or so - but don't worry because it's only "allergies"... yeah, right. Loaded up on Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A, Airborne, and pomegranate juice... hopefully it'll help ward-off any nasties.

- Nudity at the gym.
I joined the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club a few weeks ago so that I could swim during my lunch hour. It's a great facility - the pool is wonderful and there's never anyone there besides me and a couple of 70+ year old ladies... we all swim laps together. However, on two separate occasions, I've walked into the men's locker room and have been greeted by fully nude, mid-40's, overweight and balding men who are a little too "proud" of their bodies.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out why some people are so happy to be naked. One guy had an entire conversation on his cell phone while nude, then came over to tell me about it (still nude). I scurried away as quickly as possible.

Yesterday, there was a guy that came out to swim with us... minuscule swimming suit, swim cap, goggles - and the whole works themed by the American flag - I've got news for you, pal - you're not Michael Phelps... He walks past everyone, goes to the deepest end of the pool and proceeds to belly flop into the water (he was trying to dive). Then he swims a few laps, breathing and panting like a mad man, stopping at the end of each lap to let out a "whew!" or a huge gasping sigh. The lifeguard is staring at the guy - thinking (no doubt) that he's likely going to have to jump in and save this joker at some point.

The guy, who looks to be in his mid-40's, has a wonderful beer belly and a sweateresque back (read: lots of back hair), swims maybe 2-3 more lengths, then gets out of the pool and struts back into the locker room. I continue to swim for another 20 minutes or so, get out of the pool, and head for the locker room.

Who do you think is standing in front of the mirror, fully nude, with a full bathroom's worth of hygiene products spread out on the counter? Yep, Mr. Flag. He's shaving, he's brushing his teeth, he's trimming his ear hair, he's got gels and lotion, and a bottle of Old Spice. Seriously. And he's just standing there, naked, tending to his grooming as though he's alone in his home bathroom. I just don't get it.

I took a fast (1 minute) shower, changed and fled as quickly as possible. I realize I fall a bit toward the other end of the "proud" factor - I hate being without clothing unless it's absolutely unnecessary, but holy cow - some people are ridiculous.

I really do need a camera crew to follow me around full time. I could profit from all of these "adventures."

And finally, if one more person bothers me while I'm trying to type this entry, I'm going to snap. I have my door closed, my lights are off, and there's a huge sign on my door that reads, "CALL THE HELP DESK." Yet, everyone has to poke their head in and say something like, "I know I should call the Help Desk, but..." or, "I was just wondering if you could take a quick look at this for me..." Ugh. I really need to take up heavy drinking - this job is making me crazy. I hate every second of it.

Here's me at my desk today... I'd really rather be tortured by more humane methods - something like waterboarding, perhaps.


Grandma M - 7/27/1913 - 10/7/2008

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For those who may not have heard, my Grandma passed away last week. She was 95 years old. I drove to Wisconsin for the funeral, and while no funeral can ever be enjoyable, hers was one of the nicest funerals I've ever attended. It wasn't terribly sad - it was truly a celebration of her life; the minister did a great job with the service, and I really enjoyed the "memories" portion of the service.

Each of the grandkids were invited to share some of their favorite stories about Grandma, and everyone did a fantastic job - so much so that there wasn't anything I could've added or said that hadn't already been shared. She'll definitely be missed - she was always fun to be around, and was known for her interesting cooking style; her fun, good-hearted and honest nature. You could always count on her to add something interesting to any conversation via her quirky observations.

I took a few quick pictures of things while in Wisconsin - apologies for the poor nature of these as I used my phone. I'm also posting these from work, where I don't have access to any photo editing software, so take them for what they're worth.

Grandma's house, the afternoon after the funeral. We all met there and chatted for a bit before heading out of town:


On Sunday, I attended a baptism for my sister's son. I guess that makes him my nephew... After the service, we went to her house for some lunch:


On my way out of town, I stopped by a few familiar places and snapped a few quick pictures. Again, these aren't anything great - sorry in advance.

My old house - where I spent the majority of my childhood:


My old middle school (or as some might say: Junior High):


My old high school - I was a bit surprised by how much it had changed.


The old football field/campus area. I seemed to remember this as being so much larger and more impressive... it was sort of sad to see it in all of its reality:


My friend Dan's shop - I spent many, many, many days/nights/hours here:


And finally, the best part of visiting Wisconsin (single cheeseburger, cheese curds, and a diet coke):


I can't stop

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I hate to keep posting so many pictures from failblog and its sister sites, but I can't help it. The sites are absolutely hilarious, as evidenced by this gem:


And another funny picture

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I really love the LOLdogs web site. It's absolutely hilarious. It really helps pass the time while I'm at "work."

In other news, the 'ole diet slipped a bit this week. I ate like a pig - pizza, boneless wings, fries, and a breakfast burrito or two. Ugh. I'll have to hit the diet hard again next week. I think I'll enjoy this weekend and then be good for another month or so. With any luck, I'll hit 200 by November 1.

I also had a great run on Wednesday night. I've mentioned before that I could never break the 6-mile mark; well, I obliterated it on Wednesday. I went to my usual run spot (Memorial Park in Bentonville), and started my run as normal. I usually do one lap around the park (about 1.2 miles), then I head down through some football/soccer practice fields, through a neighborhood, and back to my car. The circuit measures just over 4.3 miles, and it usually takes me about 38-40 minutes.

Well on Wednesday, the air was cool - approximately 65F, with no humidity. I hit the neighborhood and was feeling really good, so I did two laps through the neighborhood and then ventured over to a different neighborhood. I ran for a while, then turned around and made my way back to the car. When I finished and checked my Garmin GPS watch, it showed: 7.74 miles. I was shocked!

The funny thing is I felt as if I could've kept running - I wasn't tired, my legs weren't sore, my breathing was spot on, and my heart rate was sitting at about 160, just where I like it to be for a run. I decided to call it "good." I was thrilled - I'll have to see if I can duplicate it again!

Off to ride the bike this weekend. Weather should be perfect again, so now's the time to score some serious mileage.

Oh - I also heard from my friend Greg, who's currently living in China. He graduated college last year and decided to study Mandarin Chinese while living in Shanghai. Apparently he's doing really well - he sent some pictures over and it looks like he's have a great time there. Good to hear from you Greg - hope things continue to go well over in China.

And one more item - here's what the parking lot at work looks like these days:


Quite sad. It used to be difficult to find a parking space...

Breaking news: The end of an era

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I love The Onion. The online version isn't quite as fun as the print version, but it's still a great satirical source regardless of the format. (you can click on the picture to make it larger, if you haven't yet noticed)

And, yet another favorite from lolcats (icanhazcheezburger.com):