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I really love the LOLdogs web site. It's absolutely hilarious. It really helps pass the time while I'm at "work."

In other news, the 'ole diet slipped a bit this week. I ate like a pig - pizza, boneless wings, fries, and a breakfast burrito or two. Ugh. I'll have to hit the diet hard again next week. I think I'll enjoy this weekend and then be good for another month or so. With any luck, I'll hit 200 by November 1.

I also had a great run on Wednesday night. I've mentioned before that I could never break the 6-mile mark; well, I obliterated it on Wednesday. I went to my usual run spot (Memorial Park in Bentonville), and started my run as normal. I usually do one lap around the park (about 1.2 miles), then I head down through some football/soccer practice fields, through a neighborhood, and back to my car. The circuit measures just over 4.3 miles, and it usually takes me about 38-40 minutes.

Well on Wednesday, the air was cool - approximately 65F, with no humidity. I hit the neighborhood and was feeling really good, so I did two laps through the neighborhood and then ventured over to a different neighborhood. I ran for a while, then turned around and made my way back to the car. When I finished and checked my Garmin GPS watch, it showed: 7.74 miles. I was shocked!

The funny thing is I felt as if I could've kept running - I wasn't tired, my legs weren't sore, my breathing was spot on, and my heart rate was sitting at about 160, just where I like it to be for a run. I decided to call it "good." I was thrilled - I'll have to see if I can duplicate it again!

Off to ride the bike this weekend. Weather should be perfect again, so now's the time to score some serious mileage.

Oh - I also heard from my friend Greg, who's currently living in China. He graduated college last year and decided to study Mandarin Chinese while living in Shanghai. Apparently he's doing really well - he sent some pictures over and it looks like he's have a great time there. Good to hear from you Greg - hope things continue to go well over in China.

And one more item - here's what the parking lot at work looks like these days:


Quite sad. It used to be difficult to find a parking space...

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