Grandma M - 7/27/1913 - 10/7/2008

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For those who may not have heard, my Grandma passed away last week. She was 95 years old. I drove to Wisconsin for the funeral, and while no funeral can ever be enjoyable, hers was one of the nicest funerals I've ever attended. It wasn't terribly sad - it was truly a celebration of her life; the minister did a great job with the service, and I really enjoyed the "memories" portion of the service.

Each of the grandkids were invited to share some of their favorite stories about Grandma, and everyone did a fantastic job - so much so that there wasn't anything I could've added or said that hadn't already been shared. She'll definitely be missed - she was always fun to be around, and was known for her interesting cooking style; her fun, good-hearted and honest nature. You could always count on her to add something interesting to any conversation via her quirky observations.

I took a few quick pictures of things while in Wisconsin - apologies for the poor nature of these as I used my phone. I'm also posting these from work, where I don't have access to any photo editing software, so take them for what they're worth.

Grandma's house, the afternoon after the funeral. We all met there and chatted for a bit before heading out of town:


On Sunday, I attended a baptism for my sister's son. I guess that makes him my nephew... After the service, we went to her house for some lunch:


On my way out of town, I stopped by a few familiar places and snapped a few quick pictures. Again, these aren't anything great - sorry in advance.

My old house - where I spent the majority of my childhood:


My old middle school (or as some might say: Junior High):


My old high school - I was a bit surprised by how much it had changed.


The old football field/campus area. I seemed to remember this as being so much larger and more impressive... it was sort of sad to see it in all of its reality:


My friend Dan's shop - I spent many, many, many days/nights/hours here:


And finally, the best part of visiting Wisconsin (single cheeseburger, cheese curds, and a diet coke):


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