Final bit of bragging

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I really feel like a heel for sharing this stuff, but since the vast majority of my friends have left work, I don't have many people to talk to any more, so I'll just post it on here:


Sorry for the blurry photo - my iPhone doesn't take close-up shots real well. I bought some new jeans last week, and I had to order size 34 (they just came today via UPS - had to order them because the local stores didn't have any 34s with a longer inseam).

I couldn't believe it. Last year about this time, I was excited to be down to a size 40 pants (I was a 44 at my heaviest). So to be able to squeeze into a 34 is amazing - I'm in shock, actually. I don't think I've been a 34 since around 1998. I'm still a good 30-pounds heavier than I was in 1998, so I'm not quite sure how I can fit into these, but they fit pretty well. A few more dropped pounds and they'll be perfect.

In other news, the race is coming up on Saturday, and the weather should be a bit brisk... low of 35, high of 54, and the race is at 7:30am. I've been focusing on running - speed drills, increasing distances, form, and so on. I "test ran" the course last Saturday and finished in just over 24 minutes, which is what I figured I would do.

The odd thing is that I ran again on Sunday and could barely huff out 3.5 miles; I was dying. And then last night was a speed night, so I ran 2 miles at a 7:00/mile pace and was totally fine. It's crazy - I only hope that next Saturday is a "good" day; if I crash, I'll be angry.

Other news: I'm addicted to sushi. I never thought I'd like it, but wow - is it fantastic. My favorites:


Yellow-fin Tuna roll: yummmmmmy!


Sashimi Tuna: so good

When I first tried sushi a few months ago, I hated it. The reason I hated it was because people had suggested that I try the "California Roll" because it wasn't really "sushi." For those not familiar, a California Roll typically has: avocado, crab meat, and cream cheese. Three things that I absolutely detest... So it's no wonder I didn't care for "sushi" at that time...

Then I went back to the sushi place with some people who really knew the ins and outs of sushi, and discovered that I absolutely love "real" sushi. We ordered 8 or 9 different types of rolls, and I liked all of them, save for the "Philly roll" (spicy tuna with cream cheese). Good sushi isn't fishy, it's not slimy, and it's not gross - it's delicious. I love it.

Final odds-n-ends tidbit: I got hooked on John Grisham books. In the past week I've read three of them. Wow! I had no idea they were so good. One of my all time favorite movies is "Runaway Jury," which is a movie that's based on the Grisham book. A few of my friends were talking about "The Partner" so I bought the book and was hooked. I finished it in just over a day - it was that good.

Now I'm reading "The Appeal" and can already tell that I'll blow through it in a day or less. Why didn't I know about these books?? :-) They really help make the workday pass quickly.

Guess that's about it for now...


Oh, and thank goodness today is election day. I hope that America 'gets it right' and elects someone that won't continue to run our country into the ground.

1.20.09: T-minus 77 days and counting. It can't come soon enough.

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