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Since my new job is likely to require some regular travel, I decided to buy a new laptop. I've been without a laptop for about 6 months or so - I sold my old PowerBook G4 to a friend from work, and I've been missing the convenience that a laptop provides.

My iPhone works as a pretty decent portable computer, but I can't create Office documents on it... so, I broke down and purchased a new Apple MacBook Pro. I must say, this thing is pretty awesome.


It's the latest version, so the chassis is made from a single solid chunk of aluminum. It feels pretty solid, and it runs ice cold - I had it sitting on my lap all weekend and I never once felt any heat from the bottom of the laptop. The display is amazingly sharp - it's the new LED screen, and it's pretty sweet. The laptop has dual video cards, which is cool - I can't wait to use Final Cut Pro on it.

The other great thing is that since I work for a company that deals more or less exclusively with Microsoft products, I can actually run Windows on my Mac via "VMWare" (Virtual Machine). I plan to download and install the VM product today and give it a shot. It'll be weird to see Windows XP running on a Mac, but I guess just about everyone does it, so I won't be a pioneer of any type... :-)

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. Not doing much this year for Thanksgiving, so it'll be pretty quiet. Here's a fun picture to enjoy over the weekend:


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