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So a new laptop requires some new accessories - I received my wireless keyboard and stand a few days ago, and I finally have the desk set-up the way I like it:


That keyboard is insane - it's so tiny, but it types amazingly well - another testament to Apple's design abilities. Check out how thin it is:


So far, the laptop has been great - it runs nice and cool, it's super fast, and it does everything without any complaints. I've got some extra memory on order for it, and with any luck it'll be here tomorrow. The Windows Virtual Machine application eats up a ton of memory, so I'm going to max out the laptop with 6GB of memory.

In other news, I'm addicted to wool clothing. It's so warm and comfortable. I seem to remember wool clothing being itchy, bulky, and "bad." But the SmartWool stuff I've purchased has been nothing short of incredible. It's really thin, fits well, and keeps me warm, even in strong winds. It was cold and windy yesterday, and with nothing more than my SmartWool sweater, I was perfectly comfortable. I'm going to have to order some more of that stuff because it's amazing. There's also no sign of any itchiness with it - it feels like soft cotton, in fact.

And finally, I saw this car while out and about on "Black Friday" - I thought it was a pretty good use of shoe polish on a car.


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