Breakfast: You're doin' it right

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Been addicted to breakfast sandwiches lately... They're just about perfect - they keep you full, they're not to loaded with calories, and they're easy to make. Behold the turkey bacon egg & cheese muffin:


The picture stinks (iPhone), but you get the general idea. Here's the recipe, and calorie count.

2 slices Jimmy Dean Hardwood Smoked Turkey Bacon (25 calories each)
1 egg (70 calories)
1/2 slice Kraft 2% American Cheese (22.5 calories)
1 Thomas Multi-Grain English Muffin (100 calories)
1/2 tsp Country Crock margarine (10 calories)
PAM non-stick spray (0 calories)
Sliver (1/16" thick) of real butter (15 calories)
Total Calories: 267.5 (rounded up = 275)

Place egg (still in shell) in a warm bowl of water and set aside (eggs cook better if they're at or slightly above room temperature). Heat a medium-sized non-stick skillet over medium heat. Pan should be about 330-350F when heated.

Place bacon on top of two sheets of paper towels, cover with a third sheet, put in microwave, and cook for 1.5 minutes. When cooked, snap bacon slices in half to create 4 small slices of bacon.

Split english muffin and toast. As soon as muffin is done, spread Country Crock lightly on both muffin halves; place bacon slices on one muffin half, and set aside.

Spray a very thin shot of PAM on non-stick skillet and add a sliver of butter (it adds flavor). Drain water from the bowl that the egg was sitting in, and lightly scramble the egg with a fork (in the bowl). Salt and pepper to taste. Pour egg into pan, scramble slightly, then with a small rubber spatula, form the egg into a round; swirl pan to help cook egg. Cook for about a minute, then carefully fold and flip. Remove pan from heat and allow egg to cook for another minute.

Remove egg, place on top of bacon/muffin half. Add your half-slice of cheese (a full slice is too much cheese for my tastes), and cover with the other muffin top.

I usually have this with a little bit of cut fruit on the side (apple, grapes, melon).


Merry Christmas to all, by the way - sure wish I was at work today... oh wait, I am! :-)

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