NYC: Loved it.

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Edit: Added pictures - sorry for not including them during first posting.

So it's been a while since I visited New York City, and I was able to score some reasonable airfare for a weekend trip, so it was off to the Big Apple for a weekend of sight seeing, eating, and having fun.

Regular readers will recall that I've had a love/hate relationship with NYC. I really like the city, but my last trip wasn't so fantastic - primarily because it was a "marathon sprint" trip, where I took the train from DC up to NYC and back - all in 20 hours. Fortunately, this trip was a million times more enjoyable.

Arrived in NYC at around 3:30pm on Saturday, then headed immediately over to the Rockefeller Center to see the tree and to catch a glimpse of the ice skaters. The wait for a 20-30 minute skating session was nearly 4 hours, and for some reason, all of Times Square was slam-packed with people... you could barely walk down the sidewalks - it was pure madness.



While at the Rockefeller Center, it was up to the "Top of the Rock" for some outstanding views of the city. Standing 70 stories above ground makes for some impressive views. Unfortunately, it was about 25F and extremely windy, so it was quite chilly. After freezing my nose off, it was down to the subway, where I spent a few minutes on the N train, headed for the Empire State Building. Rode the elevator 86 floors skyward, checked out the view, and hit the subway again.

Here's the Empire State Building, as seen from Rockefeller Center - picture is quite dark, sorry!


Arrived in SoHo and enjoyed some awesome Lombardi's pizza, along with a delicious caprese salad. The wait? About an hour or so, but it was so worth it - absolutely delicious pie, that's for sure!

The caprese salad:


The 'zza:


Sunday morning's breakfast consisted of a piece of cinnamon walnut bread and a cup of coffee from a small cafe near the hotel. Hopped on the subway again and headed back to SoHo to find some "premium denim" - I've become a blue jeans snob... ugh!

Hit the Lucky Brand Jeans store and took advantage of a 50% sale - snagged some great jeans at a significant savings. Then it was over to Bloomingdales, where I bought some 7 For All Mankind jeans, along with some Joe's Jeans. They're a touch on the tight side, so I'll have to keep trying to drop some weight. I'd say another 15 lbs, and I'll be in good shape. :-)

Along the way, there was this cute little dog - she was a little scared though... must have been her first time in the city. Although, truth be told, Canal Street is a pretty scary place (she was standing near Canal); I almost bought a fake Panerai watch for $85 (I could've saved $6915 compared to the real thing!)...


Stopped by the World Trade Center site, viewed the memorial museum, and was really moved by it. It's so somber and humbling - it's still hard to fathom what happened there 7 years ago. It was truly moving...

Here's where the towers used to stand:



Inside the memorial site - these are items that were recovered from the towers. That airtank exploded from heat, and look at how the pick axe is twisted and destroyed:


These are two guns that were stored in an evidence vault in the basement. They're .357 magnum guns, and they became welded/fused together as a result of the heat:


One of the beams from inside the towers:


And the list of everyone who perished at the WTC, including the 1993 bombing:


Had dinner at Nobu, which was unreal. For those not familiar, Nobu is the place to eat when in New York; it's owned by Robert Dinero (and some other big wigs), and features some of the world's best sushi. It was so amazing - from big eye tuna with jalapeno to Shiitake and Lobster salad to the tuna and asparagus sushi - it was heavenly. Dessert was amazing as well - a hazelnut something... I can't even describe it.

The food pictures didn't turn out, save for this picture of the dessert:


Flew out on Monday morning, returned to Arkansas just in time for dinner, which was no where near as tasty or rewarding as anything in NYC. I'd love to live there, but holy cats is everything expensive. Saw a 2 bedroom apartment listed for 1.2 million. Ridiculous!

Today it's back to the 'ole grindstone... sigh. I'd rather be living it up in NYC!

Two final pictures - one of Times Square, and one of the view from the hotel room:



And check out this video of what is most likely the world's smartest dog:


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