Warm, Dry & Entertained: You're doin' it right.

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So after yesterday's amazing weather (it was 72F for a high), we were treated to a dose of reality today... cold, rainy, and dreary. It started out in the 70's this morning, and the temperature has been dropping ever since.

I rode my bike earlier in the day, went back to the house, watched the dogs, and then decided to go for a run. I had ordered a running jacket but hadn't had the opportunity to try it out - it's waterproof, windproof, and has reflective stripes for night time safety. It's incredibly lightweight as well, but is supposed to be effective as a single layer for temperatures down to 45F.

So, I put on my UnderArmor Cold Gear tights and longsleeve, threw on a pair of shorts, a fleece shirt, and the new jacket. I hit the local walking trail, did three laps (5.44 miles) and... stayed warm and completely dry! Success!

I was shocked by how well the jacket worked - not a single drop of moisture made its way through the jacket, and it didn't overheat me - it was still breathable. Here's a picture of the jacket:


And here's a picture of it on me - it's a tad big, but it's unlikely I'll wear it solo, so the extra size is good for layering (and yes, I look terrible - I had just come in from running, so I look a bit frazzled):


And finally, I think I mentioned that I had purchased an iPod Shuffle for running... I've had it a while, and I can't rave about it enough - despite being incredibly simple, it may be the best iPod I've owned. The battery life is phenomenal (I charged it for the first time ever on Thursday), and it's so small - I clip it to the back of my hat and don't even know it's there. Here it is attached to my Wisconsin hat:


With some extra short-cabled in-ear headphones, I have a no-fuss set-up for listening to music while I run. It really works well. If anyone out there runs any regular amount of distance, spend the $60 and buy a refurbished iPod Shuffle - it really makes a difference as there's no bulk, no arm bands, no cables, etc. And, I used it almost every single day for a good month without ever charging it...

I'm off to feed the dogs and then hit the shower.

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