Ice Ice Baby

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Looks like I returned from Wisconsin just in time to run head-on with what the experts are calling the worst snow/ice storm in Arkansas' history. It's supposed to be even worse than the storms they had in 2000 and 1978.

It started raining Monday at around 1:00pm, and from there, the air turned cold, which created a nice freezing rain. By about 3:30pm, we were sitting at work watching people slip, slide, and fall as they made their way out to their vehicles. I left at around 5:00pm, and my car was nothing but a huge sheet of ice. The roads were still warm enough that they weren't terribly slick, but you could tell that things were only going to get worse.

I woke up on Tuesday to find ice everywhere, and, it was still raining/sleeting - only harder than it was on Monday. I gingerly made my way to work - the rain was changing to snow, and trees were starting to succumb under the weight of the ice. I got to work, only to discover we were out of power, so I turned around and ran a few errands - I had to stop by the post office... here's what the roads looked like:



I made it around town without too many issues, but since Arkansas isn't prepared for this type of weather, things were a bit hairy at times. The worst part was watching the countless idiots in their four-wheel drive vehicles go roaring past, thinking they're invincible, and then watching them panic when they tried to stop for a light or another vehicle... hey geniuses - 4WD doesn't help with stopping, and the bald tires on your Tahoe or Escalade aren't doing you any favors.

The rain turned to snow late last night; the roads benefited from the snowfall - it helps provide a little traction compared to the huge sheet of ice that's coating everything. I'm sure the snow doesn't help with the trees and power lines... On my drive to the office today, I drove over several downed power lines and saw more collapsed trees than I could count!

Perhaps craziest of all, it's supposed to be in the high 50's by Saturday, so I'm guessing/hoping the snow and ice won't last for too much longer.



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