Wisconsin: Day 2

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Today was a rather lazy day - not much happened, but I'll try to make it seem as interesting and exciting as possible. :-)

I woke-up and took a peek at the lake - yep, still frozen, and yep, still a bunch of people driving around on it and fishing on it...


My mom decided to have everyone over for lunch, and her plan was to make a prime rib. The prime rib had spent some time in the deep freezer, but she took it out earlier in the week and figured it would be good to go for today's lunch. I was tasked with preparing it and getting it into the oven for lunch.

After some quick math, I figured it would need about 2.5 hours in the oven (500F for 20 minutes to sear, then about 2 hours to cook at 325F), plus another 30 minutes of rest time. Experience has taught me that meat is best cooked when at (or close to) room temperature - it cooks more evenly, and there are generally fewer "surprises" to deal with. So, I took the prime rib out of the refrigerator at 9:00 so that it could warm up a bit prior to going into the 'ole hot box.

I seasoned it and inserted the temperature probe. Hmm - that's odd - the temperature probe seemed really difficult to insert, and the temperature read "Lo". Houston, we have a problem: the roast was still frozen in the middle...


So, we punted. We ordered some Culver's!! I enjoyed a cheeseburger and some of their limited edition spicy chipolte cheese curds. The curds weren't as good as I had hoped they would be, but the burger was as tasty as ever. We even ate it on fancy plates... :-)


The afternoon was spent hanging around the house with the family - grandma made it over for a visit, and we spent a fair amount of time sitting in the living room chit-chatting. At about 3:30 or so, my brother and his fiancee had to leave, so I decided to head back to my hometown and say hello to my good friend Dan and his family.

Dan and I have known each other since the first grade, and I always enjoy seeing him (and Tara and their kids). There are always a ton of laughs when you're with Dan - he can tell a story like no one else, and he usually has tons of great stories to share. Today was no different, although we enjoyed a few New Glarus brews...


Dan introduced me to a new offering from the New Glarus Brewing Company - it's called "Alt" and it was pretty good. Here's a picture of the limited edition Alt; no point of it, other than I liked how the photo turned out:


We sat around the kitchen, sharing stories (old and new) and generally having a good time. Tara broke out their new laptop, a nice 17" Dell widescreen, and we started checking out Failblog, LOLCats, LOLDogs, and Totally Looks Like. We also checked out their blog - have a peek and catch-up with the Topels. Here are some pictures of us at the computer:




Even the kids enjoyed the sites:


Tara, being the great hostess, broke out some cheese curds (not fried like the Culver's ones), and they were quite tasty. I believe they said these were "cajun curds"; the seasoning was good - not too bold, but just about perfect.


It was near dinner time, and they had some blue gilled fish that Dan had caught earlier in the week. I tried a few pieces and it was absolutely delicious. I really miss "normal" fish... in Arkansas, you're stuck eating catfish. Good 'ole lake fish like walleye, blue gill, bullheads, cod and perch is where it's at for me. Catfish is ok every once in a while, but it quickly gets old. Here's Dan's dinner (that's a potato pancake in the background):


Time quickly passed and I had to be on my way. I bid farewell to everyone (including their dog, Brady):


Temperature-wise, it was a regular heatwave today... hit almost 10F! Currently it's 1F.


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