Tea: You're doin' it right


I have a confession - I have a drinking problem. I'm addicted to diet soda, and I can't stop drinking it. I can burn through a 24-pack in 3 days, without any problems. While at a restaurant, I can guzzle 3 or 4 large diet sodas with my meal. It's not pretty.

So I've been trying to find alternatives - water is awesome, and I really do like it, but it seems like the majority of the tap water around here tastes awful (it has a pine needle/dirt taste). I don't want to drink bottled water, because I feel terrible about wasting all of that plastic... I've tried the filtered pitchers, but it takes a good 15 minutes to filter half a pitcher.

I was perplexed. I vowed to try and drink less diet soda, but I couldn't escape its grip. And then I remembered my tea... A while back, I had discovered Adagio Tea. Their teas were amazing - most are loose leaf teas, so they're flavorful and not the least bit bitter. They have black tea, green tea, herb tea, oolong, and white tea. I ordered some samples and found several that I really enjoyed.

The problem, however, was boiling the water for the tea. I'd have to go to the microwave, boil the water in a separate cup/container, then pour it into my tea pot, steep it, and then serve it. A big hassle, when you're capable of downing 80-90 ounces of tea in a day. So I gave up on it.

And then I got an incredible gift - a Breville electric tea kettle. This bad boy can heat nearly 2 liters of water to a rolling boil in less than 4 minutes. And, it keeps the water warm for hours... Talk about a monster - this thing is unreal. It's got a built-in filtration system that keeps the water tasting "normal." It's got a back-lit display that shows you how full it is. It's insulated so the outside doesn't get too warm. It has a soft-eject type lid. It rocks the block, plain and simple.

So - I present to you the perfect tea configuration: Breville kettle, IngenuiTea steeper, and Adagio White Peach tea. Yum. That's tea done right, folks.


And the best part is, I only drink 2-3 diet sodas per day now. :-)

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