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Had the recent opportunity to get together with a bunch of my old ANB friends, compliments of a "License to Chill" party as thrown by Nancy and Camille. Nancy was in charge of our Internal Audit group, and Camille was the EVP of our Risk Department. In years' past, Nancy has always hosted a summer party, but with the events of last year, the party got placed on hold for a while...

Schedules were finally coordinated, and the party was held - a good time was definitely had, and it was great to see everyone and catch up with folks. I didn't take too many pictures - too busy chatting with everyone and finding out how things have been for the past several months. So, without further ado, here are some pictures from the event.


As usual, I took a picture of the food. :-) It was all yummy, and I ate way too much of it.


The party hosts: Camille, Peggy, and Nancy. Thanks for throwing a great shindig!


Me, Cris (my old boss), and Matt. It was great seeing these guys!


April, Shelly, and Camille. April is still at the bank, Shelly is with Tyson, and Camille is chillin'.


Me, Debra, Mary, and Matt. Debra is chillin', Mary is with Pulaski, and Matt is with RWG.


A group of folks chatting.


Me saying "Thanks!" to Nancy for hosting the party. Good luck with school and the opportunities that you're contemplating with the two financial entities. Keep us informed with what happens!


Me saying "Thanks" to Camille for helping host/coordinate the shindig. Camille is the mastermind behind today's blog entry title - she's got a knack for witty titles as well as fantasy football. I'll miss playing ANB Fantasty Football with everyone. :-(

And finally, Jasper (Nancy's dog) was present and really interested in the food that I was snacking on. And while I can neither confirm nor deny this, a piece or two of food might have fallen his way. :-) He was so sweet, and I'm such a sucker.


Thanks again to everyone - it was a blast to see you all, and I wish nothing but the very best to each and every one of you. Apologies for not getting pictures of everyone that attended - I know I missed a bunch of you, but as I said, I got wrapped-up in chatting, and didn't take as many pictures as I should've. Please keep in touch, and be sure to check out geekysteve.com regularly! (shameless plug, I know)

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