Why I'm going to love this job

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Not only is Austin shaping up to be an awesome city, but the perks of working at Trigger Point are already paying dividends. Cassidy (the company founder/owner) bought and built a new bike - a Litespeed Archon, and was so excited to have it "finished" that he grabbed me and said, "Hey, let's go ride this afternoon."

So, we hopped on the bikes and hit the road. We did a quick 15-mile ride on the Southwest Parkway (a nice rolling road with wide lanes, moderate traffic, and great scenery), and got a chance to talk about work while not sitting at our desks. It was refreshing, and is just one of the invaluable benefits of working at a place like Trigger Point.

Here's Cassidy's new bike - it's seriously cool (Titanium frame, finished "in the raw"):


And here we are in the parking lot, getting ready to go on the maiden voyage:


We're all decked out in our Trigger Point Cycling gear (jerseys, shorts), which is another super cool bonus... we get cool t-shirts, clothing, and other promo items as part of our "deal." I really can't say enough good things about life here in Austin and at Trigger Point. I have such a good feeling about this.

I also had an opportunity to update the company blog - check it out over at Wordpress. It has full details about our ride, and some additional pictures of us getting ready to go our for our spin.

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