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The Trigger Point offices were closed on Friday, in observance of Good Friday, so Thursday was my last official "work day" for the week. We hired a new sales person to handle the Texas region, and Cassidy wanted to take him around and introduce him to some of our Austin account holders. So, we hopped into the Trigger Point Truck and hit the road - I made a blog entry about it over at the Trigger Point Wordpress Blog site; you can read all of the details about it over there.

As a teaser, here we are, about to go into Crossfit Central, which is one of the nicest Crossfit facilities I've ever seen.


After calling on various accounts, we stopped by Whole Foods to grab some lunch. They had a great deal on lunch tacos - two for $5, so I grabbed a couple of tacos (chicken), some fruit, and a bottle of water. I was out the door for just under $8 - not bad for Whole Foods, and excellent for as great as it tasted.


Whole Foods is such a cool grocery store - you can literally find anything imaginable there, and everything is fresh, wholesome, and amazing. They also have a massive salad bar, a baked potato center, soup line, pastry shop, and more... here's a shot of the pizza and pot pie area:


So much nicer than the deep-fried crap that Walmart considers to be "deli food." :-) Although, the Whole Foods prices are quite a bit higher than 'ole Wal-Mart... check out the price on this ham:


And finally, here's a cold splash or reality for everyone who complains about my constant raving about Austin. :-) Contrary to what my blog might lead you to believe, I don't get to go running around to all of these wonderful restaurants all day and night. Nope, I make it sound "glamorous," but the sad reality is that more often than not, my meals go more like this:


That's an EAS Myoplex Chocolate nutrition shake (180 calories) with a bottle of Ozarka water, and the lovely laundry room. So, fear not - life's not always so grand in Austin. ;-)

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