Update: Still busy

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Whew - between my busy work schedule, training, trying to find places to eat, and all of the hounding I've been taking about "not updating my blog" it's a wonder that I'm able to find any time to sleep! ;-)

Apologies for not posting much over the past few days - I simply can't express how incredibly crazy busy work is. I could easily work 20 hour days and still not get caught up on everything that needs to be done... but, I'll take that over sitting around with nothing to do (ahem-FDIC-ahem) any day of the week! Speaking of the FDIC... sheesh - the bank finally closed and man... the waste... but that's a story by itself.

So, what have I been up to? Well, let's see... aside from work, there's food - went to Maria's Taco Express again and had some fish tacos. I was able to sneak a few better pictures this time, so here you go - this is what Maria's looks like from the outside:


Yes, I believe that may be Maria herself, and despite the fact that she resembles a motorcycle mama, rest assured that she can make a mean taco. I'm in love with the fish tacos... I tried a taco with beef and potatoes, and it was ok, but I much preferred the fish tacos. Yummy.

I really like the outdoor seating; it's just about everywhere in Austin, and for some reason, eating outdoors makes all food taste better to me. As you can see from this photo it wasn't real busy, but I guess it gets absolutely crazy there on some nights - complete with lines that run out to the parking lot.


So after sitting and waiting for the tacos to cook, they arrived, and man - they were just as fantastic as the time I enjoyed them. I was able to get a decent picture this time:


Does it get any better than chips, queso, tacos, and an ice cold cerveza? I think not.

On the way out of Maria's, I stumbled across "Taste No Evil Muffins" - they have a bus/trailer in Maria's parking lot. And while they weren't open, I got a kick out of their signage:


They are apparently quite "friendly" - just check out their list...


I also swung by Uncle Billy's Brewery - it's an Austin staple, and sampled one of their fine brews while sitting on the patio. I love how dog friendly Austin is - here's a Rhodesian Ridgeback relaxing while her owner enjoyed a brew and some chow:


Apologies for the grainy photo; iPhone pictures taken at night in a dimly-lit patio environment don't seem to turn out quite as well as you'd hope.

I also had a chance to see Lisa Lampanelli in concert at the Paramount Theater in Austin. Lisa is known as "the queen of mean" and is quite, well, coarse. Definitely not the kind of comedian that you'd want at Grandma's 100th birthday party... or Junior's 12th birthday party, or anyone's party who may be sensitive to foul language and politically incorrect humor... disclaimers aside, she was hilarious, and the seats were fantastic - 5th row, center stage.


Near the beginning of the show, she proclaimed her genuine love for Austin - the crowd was laughing at everything, and wasn't groaning at the particularly harsh jokes, so she made her way into the audience and ended-up about 3 feet from me (she was picking on an Asian couple that was sitting to my left).


She played for just over an hour, before heading out to the lobby to meet and greet everyone, sign autographs, and sell merchandise. Not wanting to battle the crowds, I rushed off and called it an early night.

In other news, I joined a gym so that I could swim during my lunch hour (that is when I get time to take a lunch). The gym is called "Lifetime Fitness" and it's absolutely mammoth - see for yourself:


It has indoor and outdoor lap pools, an indoor water park, separate kids pools (for under 12), about 300,000 treadmills, and more workout equipment than you could ever possible imagine. Other benefits: no contract/commitment - it's all month-to-month - and they have spin classes, pilates, and so on. I may try my hand at some pilates... we'll see how that goes. :-)

I guess that's it for now. I'm back to work, wrapping up the final details on some marketing materials for our new product, The Grid.

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